This is really mindless and pointless, but it's my 5th anniversary, today!

I had been lurker for a looooooong time, so I’ve been around a lot longer than five years. But it took me an almost as long a time to post…finally. I was a little intimidated, but I got over it. Just said the hell with it and jumped in here and there. I make mistakes, but doesn’t everybody?

How long did some of you take to become a regular-ish poster?

Oh, and I want cake…or at least pie. :yum:

I got my 5th anniversary badge today too. But when I go into my profile, I see my real join date of 4/11/2007. I’m thinking a lot of folks are getting a 5th anniversary badge today :slight_smile:

Ah. It was a a glitch in the matrix? So, no pie for me?

I say have pie whenever you want to.

I got the badge today as well, despite having a join date of July 6, 2001.

I got one too, and I joined in September 2000.

My WAG is that it was about on this date, back in 2020, that we swapped over to Discourse. So, Discourse is seeing everybody who signed up before then, as having an anniversary today. I cannot confirm that, of course, but it seems to be a reasonable guess at why everybody has an anniversary today.

So … cake for everybody! :slight_smile:

I got one as well; joined in 2017.

My notification says

Others with this badge (13167)

Lots of pies and cakes to be had!

I just saw “Others with this badge (13166)” so it’s continually updating I guess.

Happy Discourse Day, y’all!

Those awards are tied to the go live day for Discourse. Clearly a weird glitch.

Ditto, though I’ve been around since July of 2003.

I got one, as well, but the software thinks I’m a “member,” instead of just a “guest.”

This made me wonder how long I’ve been a member here, and after a little searching I tracked down my join date: March 15, 2002. I seem to remember lurking for a while before joining, though.

I’m glad you finally de lurked!

I too got an anniversary badge today, every year since June 2018. But I just noticed it today!

Though after 20 years in the open, can one truly continue to be considered a Meister of Lurking?

Your user name makes me think you’re better at it, but I lurked for almost a decade… and I’m so glad I did. I got to know the community, what works and what doesn’t, and basically how smart people talk to each other.

As I recall, the reason I finally signed up was that I wanted to ask a question, which you needed to be a member to do. I chose LurkMeister because I didn’t think I’d be posting much.

I think I got my sixth yesterday. And yet I don’t recall joining in the summer.

I also thought I’d been a member for a lot longer. I’m not counting. But I am confused. Whatevs…

You’ve been a member since March ‘99. It’s just a Discourse quirk. Note everyone else in the thread. Plus I too got a five year badge. Member since 2000.

I feel left out. Share cake please.:expressionless:

I’m sorry but…