Cal. Stuff

I heard yesterday on NPR that L.A. has received more rain so far this year than Seattle.

The NBC morning news just said that Californians use less energy per capita than any other state in the union except Rhode Island. However as the most populous state, California uses more energy than any other state except Texas.

I could believe the statement about power usage per capita.

Besides some metropolitan centers in the Los Angeles area and the Bay area–there are lots of wide open, unsettled areas in California with the occasional city that reads ‘Population- 89’, and such.

Close. What they said was only one state was more energy efficient than California, & that is RI. But there is hardly any one there anyway.

Yep, come summer, California is going to rolling in blackouts.

Yeah, Johnny, check your facts, man. Geez. After all, it’s not as if

means exactly the same thing, no matter what you may think. I mean, geez, get it straight will you? :rolleyes:

I can see it now. “In the midst of blackouts, Ecstasy use skyrockets.” :wink:

“California does use a vast amount of electricity. But it consumes less on a per-capita basis than all other states except Rhode Island.”


Sorry, KK. I’ll be more careful next time. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Summer Hell! I don’t know how bad it got for you greedy Southern Californians, but we had rolling blackout for about a week up here in Northern Cali… that was back in December or February.

And, like I’ve been saying all along, I live about 25 miles from one of the only Nuclear Powerplants to be decomissioned due to a popular vote… sigh

Tristan: Fortunately for me, I live in the Dept. of Water and Power district so I’m unaffected by the rolling blackouts. Los Hideous makes its own power. (At least in my area.)

We have a big power plant about 17 miles around the corner & we get blackouts in mid-california.

People think, 'ah, haha, California? but just you wait for summer to come cause it’s going to take down most of the west with it too.

One can buy a gas power generator.

Just talked to my friend, she said that a restaurant in Carmel, Calif (Clint’s city) pays $2000 per month for energy but that’s going to be $6,000 per month in the summer because of power conservation rates. Whoa!