Calgary Fire Department is standing by ... and having a little fun

Depending on the yard size, you could say you’re practicing for the just-added Olympic event of synchronized landscaping.

Any firewomen playing frisbee up there?

Reminds me of the fire alarm going off at work and being forced to stand around outside and watch all the firemen (and some -women) going in and out of the building, then packing up their trucks. I’m sure some of them were probably thinking similar things about checking out the nurses, techs, doctors, and other staff members outside the hospital. :smiley:

There was one. She was good with the frisbee, actually. Maybe not so good at throwing the football, but she could sure catch one.

Well, no. One could be mowing, one could be handling the whipper-snipper, one could be carefully getting the long grass around the bushes with the hand shears, one could be weeding the flower bed, and one could be sweeping grass bits off the front walk. And that nasty homeowner hasn’t supplied any refreshments (like I said, chilled Chardonnay will be available, but the firefighters needn’t know that), so after their hard work in the yard, they might all look like they need the local FD’s rescue squad to come to their aid…

It’s a win-win situation! :smiley:

Calgary newbie, checking in.

I don’t know from chardonney. How 'bout I pick up a nice Pinot Grigio?

Another beautiful day…shall I drop by?
I’ll bring beer…

[note to self]Become volunteer fireman[/nts].

Sometimes I fall out of my wheelchair (not often) and I have to call for rescue. Sometimes, (not often enough) the ambulance crews are busy so I get sent the Fire Department rescue squad … Sometimes, falling out of my chair is a Good thing. :smiley:

Just go though a fire academy program. When I was in school we were pretty much had most of the dating cred of the guys who were actually working. Granted, any group of guys who did as much PT as us was bound to look pretty good.

Most of the guys in class had at least half a dozen women a month hit on them, myself included. Ah fun times…