California Propositions 2024

There was one of these in 2022 (and 2010, and 2018, and 2012, and 2004), and California just announced its ballot propositions for November, 2024. Here are the quick versions:

Proposition 2 - hard to tell, as only the first page is available, but it appears to be $10 billion in bonds for building and “modernizing” schools at all levels below university.

3 - finally replaces the “Only marriages between a man and a woman are recognized in California” text in the state Constitution with, “The right to marriage is a fundamental right.”

4 - $4.1 billion in bonds for (deep inhale) safe drinking water, wildfire prevention, drought preparedness, and clean air.

5 - reduces the 2/3 majority requirement for a city/county district to pass a tax increase to be used for public infrastructure or affordable housing to 55%.

6 - makes it illegal to force prisoners to do work (the exception to the ban on involuntary servitude in the 13th Amendment).

For some strange reason, numbers 7 through 31 are skipped

32 - raise the minimum wage by $1/year until it reaches $18.

33 - re-enables cities and counties to enact rent control.

34 - a health care provider that spends more than $100 million over a 10-year period on anything not considered “direct patient care” that owns two or more “multifamily dwellings” that have had a combined total of 500 or more “high-severity safety violations” loses its health care license(s) and tax exempt status if it does not spend at least 98% of its revenues from the federal discount prescription drug program on direct patient care. If you thought, “This is obviously targeting some company,” you appear to be right, but it’s not one of the big players like Kaiser; it’s the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

35 - makes the current Medi-Cal tax permanent.

36 - applies the “three strikes” law to drug possession and to theft (assuming all three “strikes” are for the same offense); it seems to be that something like this was tried before, and was found “cruel and unusual punishment” to charge someone with a felony for three petty thefts.

There was another one planned - to require that a ballot measure that would raise a minimum required vote to a certain level pass by the same level - but this has been moved to 2026.

No, I didn’t leave out any attempts to legalize sports betting in the state; if there were any even at the petition stage, none of them made the ballot.

Does 5 itself require a 2/3 majority to pass?

Nothing screams NO to me on first glance except possibly 36.

As for sports, the Indian casinos seem to be powerful enough to block anything were they don’t get a cut and there seems to be some squabbling amongst the Tribes that killed any chance of something happening this year. Speculation that I read said that it might not get their shit together until 2028. It’s inevitable but not immediate.

Oh, thanks for starting this. It’s too early for the ballot guide, but here’s the official web page listing them and their details.

5 and 6 are big NO from me, probably 34 is a No and same with 2.

I thought there was gonna be one that made shoplifting a felony, ala. Javert. OOh, yeah- 36. Big NO.

I was on a Commission about Rent Control- it can be good or bad, I will have to read the law very carefully.

Thanks for posting That _Don_Guy.

I’m glad I’m not working elections in California–besides the typical 10 “parties” (natural law anyone), now you have 36 propositions; hate to think how big the ballot is

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10 propositions. Read the OP.

unless I misread he listed 36 but only explained 10

You misread

then why are 36 listed?

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Why are they specifically targeted?

Well, reading the OP,

Sounds like The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has invested some of its reserves (it’s a charity - can’t have profits, doncha know.) in apartment buildings that it doesn’t maintain properly. 500 high severity safety violations sounds like they’re acting like slumlords.

your quote

I’m going to try one more time and if you don’t get it after this I give up.

The propositions in this election are:


There are no others. That is all of them. As has been explained in the OP and afterwards, they skipped some numbers. Is that clear to you now?

There is also a Proposition 2

Edited. Thanks for catching that

I don’t think so.

Prop 2: Provisional yes. Like many cities and counties (and really just about every publicly funded agency), school districts tend to balance precarious budgets on the backs of kicking infrastructure down the road. Stuff has to be repaired/upgraded at some point.

Prop 3: Firm yes, that nonsense needs to be excised.

Prop 4: Provisional yes, for much the same reason as 2.

Prop 5: Leaning yes, for much the same reason as 2 and 4. A small super-majority is fine, but I’ve seen a lot of these measures fail with 60+% in favor. I’d probably prefer 60% - my personal opinion is 2/3 is an unfairly high bar. Whether 55% is too low, I haven’t decided yet.

Prop 6: Firm yes. Slavery is immoral in all circumstances.

Prop 32: Yes, given the current situation with fast food wages, only seems right.

Prop 33: Probable yes. I lean towards letting local communities being able to make local decisions and I’m not intrinsically opposed to some level of rent control.

Prop 34: No. I don’t really like the vindictive singling out of one political player.

Prop 35: Yes. Pretty broad bipartisan support for this one.

Prop 36: Leaning no. I don’t feel entirely comfortable with the automatic nature of upgrading a third misdemeanor to a felony. I’m skeptical of the actual deterrent nature and I’d hate to see the potential “shoplifted a jar of mayo, was third strike, got hit with a felony” situations.

I am leaning no on 5, as we have the tyranny of the majority, and tax increases dont even go back.

I disagree- it is not slavery. Dont do the crime if you cant do the crime. And in CA, they arent forced to do hard labor.

Right, we dont need another Javert going after a man for a loaf of bread.