California Propositions 2024

Eh, involuntary servitude is involuntary servitude - I’m with the ACLU on this one. I believe in coddling prisoners, Scandinavian-style, the poor little misguided lambs :smiley:.

The missing Prop. 1 and Props 7-31: are they because a proposition gets a unique number before it is qualified to be on the ballot (and these numbers didn’t make the cut)?

Not exactly. Ballot numbers are reused but sometimes famous ones get retired or held back for a while. Prop 13 being the best example

Isn’t Prop 2 the the that’s cited on all the signs that say “This building contains chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer”? I’d think that one would have been retired (or was that Prop. 26?).

Prop 65

Ah. Thanks.


AIUI the proposition numbering gets reset every so many years.

California has had the system of ballot propositions since 1912. The number of propositions has actually gone down since the 1910s, though the number of propositions stemming from statewide initiatives (as opposed to those placed on the ballot by the state legislature) has gone way up.

Here’s an interesting Ballotpedia page tracking the number of California propositions since 1912.

Number of ballot propositions per decade in California - Ballotpedia