California "unemployment office" outsourcing?

As you all (probably) know, I was laid off a couple of weeks ago. I filed for unemployment benfits online, so I didn’t talk to anyone at the EDD. But a co-worker who does not have a computer did call the EDD to register, and he said that the call went to a shop in the Philippines.

Is this just ironic Urban Lore (that the “unemployment office” does not hire residents of the state, but sends those jobs to foreign countries) and an assumption on his part because of the person’s accent; or does the CA EDD actually outsource jobs to the Philippines?

When I filed about 5 years ago, the person I spoke with by telephone seemed to have a Filipino accent and surname. But I doubt the state outsources overseas. They have sites explaining how to get civil service jobs for the state, including:

There are states that outsource overseas. There is legislation being introduced in some states to limit/ eliminate the practice. It’s a legitimate debate, because the money saved by outsourcing can be either refunded to taxpayers or used to expand/ maintain programs. However, there is a genuine irony in sending those jobs out of state or overseas when your own residents need jobs.

Here is a link that provides an article with a relatively balanced account. This is definitely not an urban legend. This is a good area for interested Dopers to learn about, fight ignorance, and form their own opinions.

In New Jersey their unemployment calls are answered by people in New Jersey who are state employees (like myself) but some stats do subcontract that work and the companies sometimes send the calls out of the US (which I don’t feel is right)