Call the internet. Operators are standing by.

I was almost tempted to submit this as a Wierd URL, but the webpage itself is completely boring. Just a simple picture with a phone number. ( )

But the number (202-242-1809) is a legitimate phone number and someone will answer. (When I called, it was a guy.) You can ask them anything you want concerning the internet. You can probably complain about your ISP if you want. The guy I talked to was completely professional in his manner and conduct (nicer than a lot of customer service reps I’ve dealt with.)

Amusing, but I still haven’t quite figured out what the point of it all is (and who’s behind it.)
BTW, you’ll probably get a busy signal when you call, so you might want to use a phone with autoredial feature for busy signals.

It’s a non-listed DC area land line. Funny, but surreal.

Maybe it has Caller ID, and uses it to get your number (when possible) for who-know-what nefarious scheme.

Actually, I just ran a Whois and Mapquested the name. Looks to be a kid from George Washington Univ either doing it for fun or for a project. Seems less weird now.

All right, last post.

Where the Internet lives.

(Sorry if this is not kosher, mods, but all this is publicly available information. It took me 30 seconds to do this via Google.)

Good stuff, ZebraShaSha. Thank you.