called Mom today and we laughed together

Mom is going through some tough times. My Dad has been in a rehab center for a month, still not quite ready to come home. And in addition to the worry about that, she has had to deal with things that she never had to before, like getting new tires on their car, and does she need to pay to have an alignment done, and just worrying about him, and not being able to see him because of COVID, and staying at home alone.

And she is getting a little overwhelmed, and has things to do but she is putting them off. I know the feeling, I am a procrastinator (she has never been), and I told her about how I would often put things off - “I 'll do it someday.” And she said, “Someday never comes.”

CCR song. All right, not a laugh riot reading this but it was fun.

Then we talked about some other things, rememberances of things past, and we laughed about them.

Is there anything more pleasing in this world than hearing your mother laugh in hard times?

Aww. That’s sweet.
Some of my best time with my Daddy were laughing over past family events.
He always appreciated the quirky-ness of things.
Miss that man everyday. :frowning: