Calling all adult breastmilk tasters (no, your infancy does not count)

My dearly departed father used to tell the most embarrassing TMI story to friends around the dinner table, about how, when I was a baby, he had sampled my Mom’s mammary goods.

I’ve never had the opportunity to taste a woman’s breastmilk, and quite possibly never will. I’m curious if there was any sense of familiarity of the flavor, etc. Not sure if perhaps the variance in flavor from woman to woman would play a role in whether or not a taste was familiar. I can taste the difference between cowsmilk that comes from one breed or another, but not between individuals of that breed, for example.

I’ve never tried it and this might be a little said but I Googled it.

Seems like tehre’s a few pages about it.

It’s sweeter and thinner – not really creamy. You would definitely never mistake it for cow’s milk, but it’s got a vague similarity. If you leave it out it still goes sour.

ETA, I’ve got a bottle of it right on my computer table, here. Definitely very sweet.

I have one word for you and it’s: GOOGLE

Because this topic is well-covered. The taste of breastmilk varies constantly, based on any number of things.

No, I’ve never heard of this “google” thing…

Last time I checked, this was the IMHO forum. Consider it a poll.

I’m sorry, your father talks about drinking breast milk at the dinner table? The other day my father flipped because my sister used the word “vaginal” in a conversation about childbirth. Your dad is cooler than my dad.

You know that urban legend about the nursing mom that stores her milk in the break room fridge and a coworker puts it in coffee? Not entirely an urban legend. When one of my coworkers said somebody had put sugar in her coffee, or she’d got the wrong coffee, I said nothing, but started putting my expressed milk into actual baby bottles and labeling it with my name, whereas before I’d just been putting it into a jar.

Also, google “steve don’t eat it breast milk”

In my personal opinion it tastes like melted ice cream. Note that I really dislike milk and milk products (including ice cream, except when it’s in a root beer float) and cannot even distinguish the taste between cow’s milk and goat’s milk, so I am far from an aficionado of any kind of milk taste. Breast milk is much thinner than melted ice cream would be, though.

I’ll bet a lot of fathers have sampled the goods, frankly.

What must you feed the producer with for optimal taste?



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Shortly after my sprog was born I tasted it in the interests of science

I never went back for seconds, it tasted yucky and much to sweet.

I seem to recall it had a slight blueish tinge

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I have tasted baby formula, and do not remember it being sweet.

Mmm… human Roquefort yogurt? /drool.



Whoa, whoa, whoa… which class lets you do that?! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to play with cows in their pre-beef stage!

Oh, and that reminds me… I’ve got the perfect song for you! It’s got nothing to do with our marvelous mooing mamas, unfortunately.

Finally, the answer to what Luke was drinking that morning! Aunt Beru, you’re naughty. However, it kind of explains his whiny-ness.

Formula isn’t particularly sweet. It’s rather nasty, actually. My wife provided breast milk for our first child until he was 6 months, at which point the rigors of work life caused us to have to supplement with formula. I felt guilty as hell feeding it to him, but he seemed to like it. Baby #2 just arrived, and so I’m in the same camp as Dio. Just stuck a bottle in the fridge.

I agree with what has been said so far: Sweeter & thinner than cow’s milk.

Mine was thin and sweet and just freakin’ weird. Even my baby seemed to only grudgingly drink it.