Calling all gadget gurus! PDA-like help needed

Some of you may remember back in the 90s the Star TAC. One of the accessories was a snap-on Contact Organizer that could also work without being attached to the phone itself. Is there anything out there, not necessarily a PDA (they are quite bulky compared to this), that can hold a couple thousand contacts and phone numbers? The smaller the better as the CO was about the size of a credit card. Any suggestions?

The Star TAC couldn’t hold thousands on numbers; it could hold 300. It was thin, but with its battery it was thicker than a Razr (not sure how many contacts a Razr holds). Q: is there a particular provider you need this phone to work with? (not all phones that work with provider A will be supported as well by provider B) If you know what provider, I can narrow the search.

There are watches that look like calculator watches that can hold IIRC 1000 contacts. Also there are some speciality purpose PDA’s that are pretty small and thin.

Not the Star TAC itself, there was a snap-on piece that was just for holding the phone numbers, basically a portable phone book. When when the phone number was selected it could be sent to the phone and dialed automatically. When it finally died, it was carrying over 1700 contacts that were imported from CardScan and GroupWise.

Do you know where i can find those and get some specs?

I remember those little Star Tac things. (Speaking of, I wish I could still use my Star Tac phone today. That thing got great reception)

This is what you need.

You’re talking about this?

How about one of these?