Calling all Greeks!!

…the fraternity and sorority type, not the nationality…

This fall , I will be the pledgemaster for my fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. We’re co-ed with an emphasis on community service. Basically, my job entails preparing pledges to become brothers. I teach them material about the fraternity, quiz them on it, prepare activities to help everyone bond, etc

It’ll be my first time holding the position and quite frankly, I’m really nervous.

If anyone, especially fellow APO brothers, has any suggestions for ice breakers, lesson planning, etc., I’d be so appreciative. Any help at all I can get with this would be great.

Thanks a bunch.


I was an Associate Member Counselor for my fraternity (that’s the PC term for Pledgemaster), so I’ve got a bunch of tips for you. But first, some questions:[ul]
[li]How big is your chapter?[/li][li]How big is your pledge class?[/li][li]How long is your pledge program expected to last?[/li][li]Do the pledges a have “big brother/sister” or a similar relationship with an active member?[/li][li]Are you permitted to hold “wet” events (i.e., events involving alcohol)?[/li][/ul]

How big is your chapter?

 Roughly 30 or so members.

How big is your pledge class?
It varies, but roughly 15-20.

How long is your pledge program expected to last?
8 weeks

Do the pledges a have “big brother/sister” or a similar relationship with an active member?
Yes. Because our organization is basically a fraternity that started allowing female membership in 1965, we are all considered brothers. So the relationship you are referring to would be all Big and Little Brothers.

Are you permitted to hold “wet” events (i.e., events involving alcohol)?
We do have “wet” events, but none that are officially sanctioned by the fraternity. If a group of up decides to get together and the majority of us happen to be fraternity brothers, then so be it. But we never print up flyers and advertise it as a fraternity event.

I gotta go to work now, but I’ll be back on later on today. Sorry about the time lapse between posts, but my computer went on the fritz and I haven’t been able to get online in a few days.


ObTechNote: A Phi O is a service fraternity. Membership in it does not conflict with membership in a social fraternity.

Some of my Theta Chi brothers were part of A Phi O’s first colony group at my college. I think one was even the colony president.

I was Vice President of Membership for my sorority, Tau Beta Sigma. My first semester as “Pledge Mom”, we had a class of 18. Usually our pledge classes were 2 - 12 members. Some Big Sisters had to take “twins”.
My suggestions are

  • try to make sure the pledges are having fun while they’re learning.
  • remember you’re at college for a reason, to get a degree. Concentrate on your schoolwork.
  • seek feedback from your brothers if you are having a hard time with a pledge or the pledging system. Don’t try to change the system all by your lonesome. (A sister tried to pass a vote of no confidence against me once. I took care of that situation in old business.)
  • don’t haze.