Calling All Southern Californians

Since the title of this thread apparently wasn’t clear enough, I’m starting this thread and will quote Rico in case you don’t want to bother looking at the other thread:


I so want to go! The King’s Head is my favourite place! (Oh, yeah, and I’d like to bid you a farewell as you did for me too!)

1,200 miles away though. :frowning:

What about people who don’t really know you, but have been to some of them same dope events as you and wish you well?

Everyone is welcome! :smiley:


Just kicking the can down the street until I get a reading from HQ on our plans.

I’m in.
Geez you guys used to live 3 miles from me, then you moved 50 miles away. Now you are going to Utah. Am I really that bad of a neighbor?

I’d like to. If I do go, I hope to get there on time. I’ll let you know!

Last call for LA area dopers.

So far:

David Simmons

plus a few from the Unaboard.

I need to know by Thursday at 5:00PM so I can call for reservations.

Please let me know ASAP. Thanks. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you!

Some relatives have decided that is a good time to visit us so strike us from the list. I’m really sorry because I enjoy these affairs.

Yeah, you’re gonna have to strike me as well. Sorry…

While right now I’m a “maybe” I’ll let you know in a day or two.

Let me confirm that we can still do this. If I’m there, I’ll be bringing my BF too. But I need to check with him to make sure we’re not committed to anything else that I don’t know about (you know how that goes…).

Duly noted that you’ll need to know by Thursday!

Hey there! I didn’t know this was posted on the boards and I just saw this. I told Cheri via email that Thomas and I will be there, happy to see you again, but sad to see you leave. <pout> So add us to the list, please.

Last chance to join us in Santa Monica Saturday night at 7:00PM.

So far:

Spiny Norman

plus several UnaBoarders.

I’m making reservations at 5:00PM Thursday. Respond by then or forever hold your peace…If you don’t wish to post on the board, please email me at

We DO want to see you - new or old friends, whether we’ve met before or not, you’re all welcome.

I’ve never met you, but I would have loved to. Company Xmas party that night.

Someone take pictures and post them, damnit! I want to see people!

Good luck on your move to Utah.

Well, it’s been a day or two and the engagement I was expecting never came up. So I’m free to attend!

Er… Last time I was there I got rooked for parking. I’d consider parking at the Promenade lots, but are there any secret places you locals know about?

Sorry, but this month suddenly became really busy and I will be unable to attend. Come back in town for the next SoCal get together!

OK, we’re off to The People’s Republic of Santa Monica.

See you all there!

Oh no! I just found this thread! And I’m just up the coast from there. Have fun without me.