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Hey all…

With all the grammar geeks and useless trivia freaks hanging out here, I was wondering if anyone knew of any killer eytmology sites? I thought I knew of one or two, but I was mistaken. Any URLs are much appreciated.



Here’s one:

There’s a good copy-editing site with links at

These are pretty good:

These are pretty good:

Flora said:

Did you copyread your link? It didn’t work.

I clicked on the link to find out what would be on a copy-editing site anyhow. Pages and pages of text to search for spelling a grammar errors? Layout sheets? Rubber cement comparisons? Headline counting techniques? What, I ask you, What!

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Phrase origins:

This might be a good one for you.

Try Dave Wilton’s Etymology page:


The World Wide Words page:

Grammar Clinic: .

Oh joy! Oh bliss! Thanks to all who responded to my posting. I now have enough websites to guarantee hours of ignored work. Woooo!

Thanks, y’all. =D


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