Calling an end to productivity for the week.

There seems to be a point for me on some Fridays where it just seems pointless to begin anything new, or to even work with any gusto on old stuff. My head is already in the weekend: re-grouting the tub, that March of Dimes walk on Sunday, planning the Big Sunday Dinner (i’m thinking a pork tenderloin, some double-baked potatoes and asparagus)…

I’ve got Media Player going on “shuffle”, and quite loud I might add. When I’m not scanning these boards, I’m playing a rousing series of games of Spider Solitaire and reading the bus-kid’s friend’s Xanga entries.

I figure if I make another hour or so of this, others might see today as a “full” workday for me, and I can get out of here with my integrity intact.

Not that I slack by any stretch. Two nights this week, I was at work-related things until past 9, and last night stayed up watching junk on TV (ER, as the observant among you will note) and finishing a series of letters I mailed this morning. So I’m figuring that I have this afternoon of pure fluff coming to me.

Anyone else living the Friday dream?

Heck, I’m reading this, my break ended ten minutes ago - and I’m a supervisor! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m here, aren’t I? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been rockin’ out to Mp3’s all day, and I have gotten a lot of stuff done today. The last hour or so, not so much. I’m getting ready to roll out of here and enjoy a rainy weekend at home in front of the TV & computer.

In the immortal words of Weezer:
The workers are going home
The workers are going home
The workers are going home
The workers are going home

THis call implies that some of us were productive this week! :slight_smile:

I’ve basically checked out at about 11:30 for the last four days.

Plus, it’s jeans Friday, and I am dressed for not project managing all day.