What should I do?

Nah, no interesting existential crisis here – more an “at loose ends on a Saturday” thing.

Usually I start my weekend by having coffee with my friend E. This morning, though, was the big annual flea market in my neighborhood. E. didn’t want to go, so I told him I’d call him when I got back. Which I did, but he wasn’t there. So I don’t necessarily want to get involved in some complicated project, because when E. calls back, I’ll probably go do something with him, either drink coffee, or go over to his house to plant some hostas I ordered for him (I’m helping him put in a little garden), or something.

So, I could, I dunno, straighten up the house a little, maybe wash some dishes – eminently interruptable, but productive. Or I could go putter around in the garden – but it’s not the nicest imaginable day (definitely on the chilly side, quite breezy, and the sun is a bit intermittent – plus it’s supposed to be much nicer tomorrow). Or I could read my book. Or I could finish this week’s Entertainment Weekly, which I’ve barely started. Or, I finally got the frames for two needlework projects I completed a couple of years ago, I could frame those. And then hang them, if that’s what I’m going to do if I decide not to take them into the office, so as to wow my coworkers with my artistic side (I not only stitched them both myself, they’re both my own designs). (Did I mention I got a really cool needlepoint book at the flea market for a buck?) Or finish putting away the winter clothes/getting out the summer clothes, a job I got no more than 3/4 done a couple of weeks ago. Or put away my CDs, which are piled in five or six 20-25 CD stacks, in no order whatsoever, because a friend got an iPod and has been borrowing all kinds of stuff to load on that, plus when I quit my old job two months ago, I brought home all the CDs I kept in my cubicle to drown out all the crap going on in cubicleland.

Or I could take a nap.

Whaddya think?

Ha. Problem solved. E. just IMed me, he’s down at the coffee shop. Off to meet him.

Later, gang!

Hmmmmm, choices…choices.

Lessee, start with the dishes and work in order down the list you posted. Make it a game and see how far you get.

If it was me, I’d read. But, that’s just me…

Excessive productivity on a Saturday should be avoided at all costs. Have another beverage of your choice (I prefer Pepsi), surf the net, post on the Dope, and otherwise goof off.

Chilly? I wish it was chilly here. It’s been in the upper 90s for two weeks.

Nap, definitely. While you have the chance.

Waitasecondbeforyouleave… <WHOOOSH!!!>


Me thinks “E” is the meat in twickster’s sEx sandwich. :smiley:

Nah, QuickSilver, nothing so interesting – we went out a couple of times (make of “went out” what you will), damn, getting on two years ago – didn’t work out as a couple, but have become really good friends.

Update: Nap it was. Well, if you can call passing out cold for about two and a half hours “napping.”

Now I’m eating popcorn (and drinking Diet Dr Pepper, which is my quaff of choice, Oakminster) and checking in here – we’ll see if the day does a sudden 180 to productivity anytime soon…

I’m so damned tempted to nap right now. I woke up early today for a funeral and I start work tomorrow morning. I’m a night owl and I think my non-nap state would help me slide into a better sleep rhythm than napping now (even a power nap) and staying up until 2, giving up, and getting up at about 6 and wanting to chuck my cell phone/alarm clock down the hallway.

Bet my beagle Quincy is going to hog ALL of the lower portion of the bed again tonight.


Okay, I think I’m going to wash my hair, if that isn’t veering too close to a useful activity.