Calling NurseCarmen

Do you happen to know a guy named Bill, originally from Wyoming and now living in Ann Arbor, Michigan? Mississippienne and I met such a Bill at the Rainbow Gathering, and he mentioned that he knew a nurse named Carmen. Mississippienne looked at me and say, “No way, she can’t be the same one, can she?” Anyway, just wondering.


Unlikely. NurseCarmen is a he…

Ah, guess not, then. Thanks, jayjay.


Let me check.


[sie=1]I have a penis.

(I’m not a nurse either)[/size]

Then color me clueless…whence the name?
(I knew you were male, but thought you were a nurse).

Oh, and, not named Carmen, either.

Its from a long gone Twin Cities children’s program. Nurse Carmen was a reoccuring character.

The NurseCarmen nick comes from a local childrens television show. Every one loooooved the Nurse. Then, some 25 or so years later, when I was hopping on-line to kill some locals in Quake, I figured nobody would want to frag the beloved Nurse (Quake online had better connection speeds with local servers, so I knew I was generally playing locals). It work for a little while. Either that, or I suddenly improved with my new name. Soon my beloved nurse was leaving bloody piles of beast flesh in her wake. The name stuck. Much like an alien eyeball sticks to a wall.

NurseCarmen, I suppose the rumors of your femininity were greatly exaggerated! I hate to do this, but I’m going to have to scratch you off my list of “doper ladies that I admire” :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you sirvived the Bluegill attack.

Topic: NurseCarmen is neither a nurse, nor a Carmen. Discuss.


I’m glad I wasn’t skinny-dipping (Though it would take something much larger than a blue gill to nibble on that, any nibbleing, well, aside from consensual kind, on my naughty bits, is frowned upon by me.)

I did think the [Size=1 Penis referrence was unfortunate though. :wink:

Oh yes, I forgot.

“Glad you survived the bluegill attack”

Carnivorousplant [size=10 penis]

You’re right, there was a typo there, but not in the manner that you think. You see, I meant to type

where SI, as defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as

Yeah. That’s what I meant. Really.