Calling out the wrong name, and the consequences

In college, in the middle of passionate friskiness with my then-gf, I whispered the name of her best friend. Luckily there was so much other noise filling the air, it went unnoticed.

Yesterday, while having a mild argument with my wife, I started to say, "Mom-- " and caught myself. But not before my wife said “What. Did. You. Call. Me?” The reason it happened is I was feeling frustrated, and no one on earth can frustrate me more than my mom. It was a reflex in the moment, but it didn’t go over well.

ha ha ha! Aren’t you glad it didn’t though? If she’d softened and held out her arms it’d be just a little strange ! :slight_smile:

I’ve called my wife my dog’s name on accident more than once. She just laughed it off.

Never done it myself, but I can see it happening.

Deep in the moment, I whisper “Rosebud:stuck_out_tongue:

I occasionally call my daughter my sister’s name (usually after I’ve just talked to my sister on the phone). That doesn’t cause problems.

The explosions come after I call one of the kids the other kid’s name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just do a Howard Wolowitz: “Ma … Ma little Bernadette.”

Story told before.

I’m 6 and 8 years older than my brothers and Mom wasn’t what you’d call very maternal. There also happened to be several times she was bedridden, of which the longest lasted two years (11th and 12th grade for me). When I was starting HS, Ed was in 3rd grade and Jay was starting school.

Sometimes, with all of us already grown, they’d mistakenly call me Mamá and we’d just laugh it off. But alas, one time Jay called me Mamá in front of the actual titleholder! Who then proceeded to puff up like a real big toad but was interrupted before she could even start her tirade. You see, Ed’s wife was pregnant with their first, so he’d been giving a lot of thought to “things my parents did; what to repeat and what to avoid”. And he told Mom “you know, you are the one who did the birthing, but it is her who wiped noses, it is her who wiped asses, it is her we’d get out of bed when we had nightmares. It was her who gave us breakfast and afternoon snacks. You would drill me on verb conjugations now and then, but it was her who made sure I’d done my homework every day. So, you’re Ma-má but she’s Ma-mariname.”

Now they purposefully call me Mamariname, when they’re going to ask me to do “maternal things” such as give them advice on a recipe or explain the different connotations of two English words. And Mom isn’t allowed to complain about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Freudian slip, but I’ve unintentionally called my wife “Ma”. It did not go over well at all! :smack:

Sometimes when she’s in a pissy mood Bambola takes on this big bad parent personality, like she’s the boss of the world and she’s going to tell everyone else what to do. (An Italian girl doing that, who would’ve thunk it?) My brain must figure that if she’s going to act like she’s my mother my mouth is going to call her “Ma”, which is what I call my mother.

That explanation does not cut it with princess Dolly!:rolleyes:

Anytime I spend time with my brother and my son they end up getting called by each other’s names. I noticed that if my son and I are spending a few days at Mom and Dad’s I start calling my son my brother’s name. This year it was really noticable. I am almost five years older than my brother and I always say around my parents I resort to a default age of 17. My son is 12.5!

Not long after we got together my partner and I went to a Halloween party and he called me his ex’s name all night. I even had people I didn’t know ask me if I was “ex-girlfriend ’ s name and they wanted to meet me, my boyfriend was telling them about me.” I came this close to fuckimg off and leaving him at the party but I had been drinking. We stayed over but it was a while before I forgave him. Then when we visited his Dad at Christmas he called me the other name again!

My brother’s wife has the same name as our sister.

His son’s (who has the same name as his father) wife has the same name as his mother and his aunt.

They can slip up a lot without anyone noticing.:smiley:

I don’t think I’ve ever thought of someone else while having sex. Someone else other than the person I’m having sex with I mean, obviously I don’t just lie there thinking about myself. I’ve also never said anyone’s name, not my style, and probably a good strategy just in case the wrong one, or worse, the dog’s, does come out.

I did this, back when I had a wife and a dog. The strange thing was, it wasn’t a situation where I would naturally have talked to or about the dog. We were strolling around town window shopping when I saw something interesting in a shop, “hey Fido, come look at this!” I said. She also laughed it off.

It’s better than forgetting her name, entirely. I’ve done that and it didn’t go over well.

That happened to me once. Really put a pall on our 10th anniversary.

My mother used to do this all the time – calling the dog by my name. She also did it the other way around, calling me by the dog’s name.

This never happened with my sister.

My mother does this to my sister on occasion. According to my sister, the record was the time that she called her by my aunt’s name, our cousin’s name, my name, our brother’s name, and finally the cat’s name before getting the proper name.

My mother often calls any of us kids with all three names of her kids (like “John Bob Laura” if those were our names) and it doesn’t really bother us. I mean, what would the point of getting upset? It’s just a harmless quirk.

My husband was married several times before me. I was married twice before him. We tend to call each other “baby” and let it go at that.

Back when I was young of foolish, (instead of being old and foolish) I was going out with two different girls at the same time. While getting amorous, I started to call the one by the other’s name, but caught myself midway through. Fortunately, it was in Japanese and I was able to put a word together which made some sort of sense.

Of more difficulty was that my current wife’s wife’s birthday is two days after my ex-wife’s birthday. for years I was terrified of making that mistake, until I figured out a way of remembering which is which.

My mom is the oldest of four sisters, and the youngest two are significantly younger than she is. So naturally, when she had two kids, she called us by their names. Forty years later, she still does. It’s been going on all our lives, so it’s unremarkable to us. People who don’t know the backstory, though, are always a bit surprised when two 6’ tall, 200 pound men answer to Debbie and Blythe.

I occasionally mix up the names of our 3 daughters. Once in a while, I’ll mix up the name of daughter #3 (name begins with Pe) and our dog Pepper. It doesn’t bother them - they just laugh about it and make a crack about my increasing age.