Calling Stooge Trivialists: Short subject with Shemp Howard as a Navy barber

Most Three Stooges fans know that Shemp, the original Third Stooge left to go solo in about 1934, and garnered a long list of credits working independently.

I’m curious about this one short where he’s teamed up with another actor, and they’re both Navy barbers on some Naval base. The highlight is when they, having been strictly ordered to shave the head and face of “every man who comes through that door”, carry out the procedure on a visiting foreign Admiral who has wandered in by mistake. They shave his head so closely and polish it so dilligently that in one scene they’re looking at their faces reflected in his shiny head.

Has anyone seen this? I’m curious about who the other actor was. He reminds me very much of Phil Silvers, who was probably around the right age. At any rate, I can’t find any information about this in the usual online sources.

Sounds like Salt Water Daffy (1933), costarring Jack Haley.

That was it, all right. Now it does come back to me that Jack Haley’s character was named Elmer.