The Three Stooges Meet Hercules

appears to have become available on Netflix.

I’m not sure I ever saw any of their shorts with Curly Joe DeRita. On the upside, Emil Sitka is featured. (“hold hands, you lovebirds!”)

and it’s filmed in glorious black and white.

Is there a 3D version available?

Joe DeRita never appeared in the shorts. Joe Bessar (the worst Stooge) was in a few shorts. Emil Sitka was made an official Stooge, but never appeared in any film. He was an extra in some shorts, and he was the original Fake Shemp.

I’ll never understand why Three Stooges Meet Hercules wasn’t at least nominated for an Oscar, much less winning one.

You mean Hoy-cue-leez?

I believe Emil Sitka was invited to be the third stooge after Larry Fine had his stroke, but Moe apparently didn’t like his attitude after Emil was “promoted” into stooge-hood. Emil wasn’t as laid back as Larry.

The Three Stooges was the act that just kept going and going…

Was this the one that featured a character named Schuyler?

Incorrect. The original “Fake Shemp” was a actor/stand-in named Joe Palma (I’m too lazy to link it, just Google the name and read it on IMDB or whatever.) He never could quite fool Stooge fan over the age of the four. He was, however, the inspiration for the “fake Shemps” made famous in the original Evil Dead.

Yes. Schuyler Davis was played by Quinn K. Redeker who was a co writer on The Deer Hunter.

I love that movie. I think it’s more epic than Lord Of The Rings.

But I’d never buy a used chariott from them.

Man. I had this comic book when I was a kid, and I loved it.

I actually liked DeRita as Curly Joe. The cartoon shorts they did in the 60’s as “The New Three Stooges” always tickled me when I was a kid.

The problem is, the Stooges’ trademark physicality had been severely toned down by then. DeRita was already 50 when he became a Stooge; Moe was 62 at the time and Larry 57. Despite a certain charm, watching the Curly Joe-era films is always a little sad, seeing a shadow of what the act once was.

Even after Moe finally retired. “Curly Joe” de Rita started up a “New Three Stooges” act with himself and two other guys in the 1970s. It didn’t last very long, though. But it shows you the incredible staying power of the Stooges brand.

You’re right. I was confused by Sitka’s role in Commotion on the Ocean, where Palma appeared as a Fake Shemp.

I always liked Snow White and the Three Stooges, the only mix of broad comedy, figure skating, fairy tale, swordplay, and ventriloquism I’ve seen to date (as a musical?)

Lest we forget. the sweep and granduer of The Three Stooges Go Around The World In A Daze stiil brings tears to mt eyes every I hear “Pop goes the weasel”.

Their last film, The Outlaws Is Coming, a Western, co-starred a handsome young actor named Adam West, who later went on to everlasting fame as TV’s Caped Crusader, Batman.

Almost forgot my favorite Stooge factoid. Rep. Barney Frank is related to Shemp by marriage. <insert your own joke here>.

So THAT’S where Barney got his voice from!