Curly vs. Shemp vs. Joe

Since people are debating the SNL vs. MP in another thread, I thought I would bring up the age old question of the Three Stooges.

Who was the best stooge in the rotating third part? Was it Curly, Shemp, Joe, Curly Joe, (any other I am not recalling)?

My vote is Curly. He was the best. You could always count on the ones with Curly to make you laugh.

Shemp was a reasonably close second. The others should have never have been stooges.

Other opinions?


Curly, hands down. I think Curly was ahead of his time, anticipating in some ways the comedy stylings of Andy Kaufman and Robin Williams.

Shemp had his moments, but he was no Curly. The others shall remain unacknowledged in this post.

Guy I agree completely, he probably even led the way for future commedians.

“Look at the Grouse.”


Joe? JOE?!?!?!?!?

Why I oughtta …

I’m probabally in the minority here. I agree
that Curly was a comic genius, but I find
Shemp even funnier. Of course, that’s just
my opinion. Curly Joe was adequate, but
Joe Besser was an abomination. Shemp should
have been replaced with Emil “Hold hands, you
lovebirds” Sitka.

“No wonder these pipes don’t work … they’re full of wires!”


In my opinion, Curly was, to date, the funniest man to ever walk the planet. Bar none.

Oooooohhh, a cordial…

That being said, Shemp could never fill his brother’s shoes. As I gracefully age and continue to watch the Stooges, I come to appreciate Shemp’s work more and more. Of course, brother Sam will never approach brother Jerome’s FQ (funny quotient). But that doesn’t mean Shemp wasn’t funny in his own right.

I think that’s why so many people hate (or at least dislike) the Shemp shorts. They’re comparing Shemp’s work to Curly’s and it just doesn’t rate. However, it’s still very, very funny. It’s kinda like saying “Jeff Beck ain’t as good as Eric Clapton, so he sucks…”

Joe Besser == Look up annoying in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Joe Besser.

Curly Joe DeRita == Sorry, just not funny.

Personally, I’m also a big Moe fan. I find Moe just a hair behind Curly in the FQ department.

Why you! Remind me to kill you later.

I’ll make a note of it.

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I think that Shemp was awfully funny, but Curly was the best 3rd stooge. Keep in mind that originally, Curly replaced Shemp because of Shemp’s differences with Ted Healy, so Shemp was actually the original 3rd stooge. In case you don’t know, Shemp rejoined after Curly’s stroke. Joe sucked. Curly Joe was better than Joe, but that’s not saying much. It must’ve been tough on Moe - losing 2 brothers, frequently seeking replacement stooges, and still maintaining a sense of humor.

I liked Curly the best, But Joe Besser was better than Shemp. He was pure camp.

Did anyone ever notice how really really really really ugly all of the stooges were?

The problem with the Joe Besser shorts
was not Joe. He was a riot. The problem
was Moe and Larry. They were so long in
the tooth by this time, the late fifties,
that they were no longer funny.
Curly was the funniest. No contest.

" Do the Curly Shuffle!’ Da-da-DAH!

The only Stooge to get a song named after him was the greatest Stooge of all!

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Curly was Homer Simpson before there was a Simpsons. Nuff said.