Calling Unreal Tournament 2004 players

I’m hooked on the Onslaught mode. There’s something about adding vehicles to the game that really keeps the game interesting.

Who else is enjoying this game?

I’d like to get together with some of you- Lobsang, for one- on a public or private server and battle it out for SDMB glory!

So, tell me your thoughts on the game, and whether or not you might want to meet online for a round of UT2k4.

NOTE: I don’t want to hijack this as a Quake vs. UT thread.

I recently downloaded the UT2004 Demo and played some of the multiplayer modes. I know there isn’t much strategy in the deathmatch, but it seems like some “crude” version of Quake 3. The control, the game physics, etc.

I wonder if the same thing happens when UT people switch to Q3

Anyway, you asked what we thought of the game. I give it 2 mice down.

I also love Onslaught mode. The vehicles feel right and they did a nice job of mixing their various strengths (though I think the Leviathan is a bit too strong in its mobile state). Have you done that trick where you stick spider mines to your vehicle? Works really well with the raptor, a little surprise for guys who dodge your crush attempt.

Also have had a good time with CTF and Bombing Run once I figured how to use the adrenaline power to my best advantage.

Wondering if anyone has found good sites for map downloads. I’ve checked the usual suspects like Planet Unreal and Fileplanet, got the official Windows XP realease, the recent Community Bonus Pack, and a few CTF and Onslaught maps.

I just finished Fay Cry for the first and am starting with Thief III, may not get back to UT2004 for a while. People who bitch about the current state of PC gaming are spewing nonsense. I’ve hardly touched the latest Hitman, have a dark side character building in KotOR, and have several campaigns on the new Rise of Nations I still want to play. I realize consoles have had an impact on the PC platform, but I hardly consider it disasterous.

I realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I play Quake II, I haven’t moved on to Quake 3 yet but I’ll try it sometime.

For some of the new maps for UT2k4, try and the Atari forums for Unreal. I found some excellent maps there- there are over 100 new maps, mainly because there is a $1,000,000 contest for the best mod. Another source for good maps is

On another note, does anybody know of a good spacecraft/fighter cockpit-style game for the PC? Something like Colony Wars on the PS1, or Tie Fighter- I would like to do some 3d space combat, and the titles I’ve found that include space are usually Starcraft-style games.

This might sound really stupid, but do they still make the Descent games? That was some good 3D space stuff. Is there a relatively new version?

I actually haven’t even played Onslaught yet. I’m still playing through single-player.

I only have a few gripes with UT2K4: No ports of UnrealEditor to Linux, no Ripper, no Volatile Ammo mutator.

Things I like: Double-jumping, nice weapon selection with alt-fire for ALL of them, campers generally get killed off before they make two frags, the Flak Cannon, rag-doll physics, Bombing Run (football THE WAY IT OUGHTA BE), Mutant, adrenaline combos, shock combos, spider mines, Linux installer on disc… and so on.

Vs. Quake 3: I enjoy a game of Q3 every now and again, but I can’t think of any instances in which Q3A holds the advantage over UT2K4.

Vs. Counter-Strike: UT2K4 kicks Counter-Strike’s sorry ass all over the map.

Vs. Halo: Don’t make me laugh.

Yeah, I might be interested. Just leave the name of whatever server in this here thread.

Oh, World Eater: The latest Descent game was Descent 3.

I’d love to meet online (if only to find out if I am any good compared to other UT2004 dopers).
I have completed all but one of the single player modes, and keep getting thrashed on that one (I can kill the guy a few times, but he always catches up and then dominates me), so I haven’t played it for a while.
My family are across for the week, and so I can’t really get to the computer at the right times. But A week from tonight I will be able to go on.

UT Community Bonus Pack volume 2 just came out. And I’ve been playing the Jailbreak mod.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: UT2004 is a helluva drug.

I’m Xan Griegor, bitch!

Ah, thanks.

I’d love to host a game, but I’m available at weird hours- late at night, after 11:00 EST, or in the late morning/early afternoon. Post the hours you can be available and I’ll try to make time for the server.