Calphalon non-stick skillet that sticks

I got a set of these about 4 yrs. ago, lovely, wonderful pans.

Except 1, the mid-size skillet that everything sticks to.

Any solutions?

Season it like you would a cast-iron pan.

Looking here, it appears you might just be able to send it back to them for a new one.

If not, I’d suggest you start upgrading to some quality heavy duty (heavy as in physically heavy) stainless steel. Nothing sticks, it’s a breeze to clean and I don’t think you can hurt it unless you were actively trying to destroy it. I love my viking pans (this set I believe) but they were a pretty penny (over a hundred dollars a piece). I got my mom a set of Emeril pans (this one I think, IIRC it was about $250 at BB&B), made by All Clad and they seem to be doing very well. I don’t like that they have the heavy plates welded to the bottom instead of the entire pan being heavy, but they get the job done and they weren’t as expensive.

Er, doesn’t seasoning cast iron require high heat? Is the OP’s pan Teflon? Isn’t high heat on Teflon dangerous and counter-productive?

Gotta get the Dope cooking pros in here pronto…

If you haven’t abused it in any way, this shouldn’t happen. Send it to Calphalon for a replacement.

Calphalon isn’t teflon, it’s aluminum with the surface altered in some way that it’s supposed to be non-stick and dishwasher safe, and you don’t have to use plastic utensils, because you can’t scratch the surface off. Basically, yeah, if stuff sticks to it, it’s broken and wasn’t made right.

There are different kinds of Calphalon. At this point it’s just a brand name making a variety of different types of pans. You can buy Calphalon coated non-stick… Calphalon Anodized aluminum (what you’re talking about, Ethilrist), even Calphalon stainless steel.