Recoating a Non-stick Pan

I have a 10" Calphalon frying pan. The aluminum the pan is made out of is fine, but the non-stick coating has worn down to the point it doesn’t funtion anymore. These pans are kind of expensive, and I’d rather not have to buy a new one.

Is there some kind of service where I can get this pan recoated, or even perform the operation myself?


My WAG is that the pan is expensive because of the coating, so re-coating it would be difficult to do yourself or cost about as much as a new pan.

I have a Calphalon pan and it has not got a non-stick coating on it. But anyway I had a site bookmarked for IIRC, “the fryingpan man”. But it’s on a different computer and I’m not having much luck googling for “frying pan man”.

Found it

Looks like a 17" pan is $35 with lower prices for smaller sizes. They also can coat cookware that was NOT non-stick to start with.

Hope this helps.

No, Calphalon is expensive because it’s made of really heavy aluminum, because it’s machined/engineered/whatever to have excellent heat distribution, and because they’ve got a famous name. All of their cookware is expensive, not just the nonstick stuff. I don’t know what kind of coating Calphalon uses, but I suspect that it’s not unique.

Ask the frypan man! I have no idea how good a job they do, but it’s $21 + shipping for a 10" pan.

Have you talked to Calphalon? I’m more of an All-Clad girl myself, but I know Calphalon competes with All-Clad, and All-Clad has a lifetime warranty on all their pans. Both me and my mother have had problems with All-Clad’s nonstick pans - they seem to stop working after 5-6 years - and All-Clad replaced 3 pans between the two of us for free.

I stand corrected. Sounds like getting it re-coated might be the way to go.