Calzaghe v Hopkins Saturday

Anyone watching Joe versus Bernard this weekend? Interesting fight, albeit one that should have taken place years ago. Two very different styles, but a lot of parallels career wise. Both men had to endure being avoided like the plague for long periods of their career - I was shocked to read that Joe is the same age now (36) that Bernard was when he got his big breakout win against Tito in 2001.

In all honesty, Joe should skate this one, even with a hometown set of cards. He was getting to be untouchable at super-middle - handspeed and workrate off the charts, flair, stamina, good beard. His power has gone nowadays as he has very fragile hands, so he never plants himself and unloads - but when you’re throwing over 1000 punches per fight that doesn’t need to be an issue.

All that being said - Bernard is the ultimate cagey, awkward customer. Is there a better preserved 43 year old athlete in the US than him? He is in unbelieveable shape. I’ve seen a few of his recent efforts though and he just doesn’t do anything (against Taylor for example). I can’t see him having an answer to Joe’s swarming attack - highly doubt that he will hit the canvas but he’ll be down a mineshaft on the cards.

Any thoughts?

These are 2 talented fighters . I will definitely be watching. Most HBO fights lately have been mismatches. The Contender fighter was in way over his head last Saturday.