Cambridge University

Anyone else here from Cambridge University, England?

Just wondering - The SDMB seems like the type of place to attract a fair number of us.

Filthy Tabs…


saphira a newbie doper and close friend of mine is going to Cambridge in October, IIRC. I’m talking to her now on line, and convincing her to reregister at the SDMB. Her registration was lost in the crash.

hi there, thanks drew! Yes, I’m here, I’m back and re-registered with a new name.

As for the Cambridge thing, if all goes to plan and my career aspirations don’t change, I’ll be there in October. What are you reading kitarak?

Nope (I went to University College London), but I do know a bunch of people that graduated from Cambridge the same time I did (2000).

What are you reading? And what college are you in? And just how much will UCL beat any Cambridge college in University Challenge by this year? :wink:

Oi! My line!

Geez, Saf, you registered as thinker?? All you think about is Neighbours, and your next tube of Pringles, innit? :smiley:

Snort, chortle, guffaw, etc…

Welcome back to the boards, anyway. Hopefully you won’t make the SDMB crash this time.

I’m at Pembroke college, reading maths. And oddly the prospect of our college losing to UCL at university challenge doesn’t really bother me :slight_smile:

Caius, 1993-1996. Natsci with HPS. Fucked up lazy bitch semi-goth and serial monogamist. On Uni Challenge team. Lost twice.

Yup! I’m at Trinity Hall, reading NatSci - physics… Part 3…

Reading maths? You Brit Dopers are so adorable…

  • tsarina, a microbiology major at a major Midwestern University (not Uni!)

Is that anything like quizbowl?

If it is, I have to ask: does anyone among you know Rob Lindham or Lindam or something like that? He runs “Oxford Quiz Society”, I believe it’s called.

Well, to say we were majoring in it would imply we were minoring in something, which we don’t do.

Having been in both, I can attest that it is. Although University Challenge is snootier, and the last rounds are televised, with the irredeemably snooty Jeremy Paxman serving as the host.

Believe me, University Challenge has nothing on ACF in the snootiness department. But folks over here in the UK actually care about UC, whereas QB is a (thankfully) irrelevant and fossilized turd in the States.

peepthis: OMG, ACF…now that’s snooty. Jeez, talk about a ghost from the past…I remember the pointless battles between ACF and College Bowl over, well, everything. College Bowl never seemed snooty to me because it was so…well, disorganised. And you never get bonus questions in University Challenge like “Dead, City in Tanzania, or OJ prosecution witness?” (true!)

Thinking about Neighbours and Pringles is time well spent!

A fellow University of London-er. I’m a third year at The LSE at the moment- but I was at UCL just the other day.

The University challenge team for LSE are a laugh- this year it’s made up of the rugby team…we’ll never make it past the provisionals nevermind onto tv…oh well!

This looks like a “polling” type of thread so I’ll move it to IMHO.

Is it a prerequisite for entrants to all have facial tics or speech impediments? Does these make you brainier? he he he
The last time I watched uni challenge (about 10 years ago), it was Britain vs NZ uni challenge - ye gods, we looked like a bunch of sheep farmers!
Off to practise my lisp…

Me on University challenge:
Good looking girl with long red hair and dark red lipstick, wearing black and red paisley print dress with a long string of red glass beads. Relatively accentless speaking voice.

My team mates:
My best mate, who is a jolly round faced chap, dressed in suit and tie, slight Wolverhampton accent.
Team captain, face like a Caravaggio angel, tweed jacket, very posh voice. Is now Junior Fellow in Classics at Peterhouse.
Pretty, very English girl with curly hair. Slightly posh, slightly Yorkshire accent.

Just to set the record straight, you understand.