Cameroon - Germany (spoilers)

Good lord, this game has more cards than a round of poker! There have been fifteen so far, with two players sent off, and there are still 20 minutes left to play. This is getting more violent than the Lewis-Tyson match.


Darn, I was rooting for Cameroon. If Ireland wins against Saudi Arabia, then Cameroon goes home, right?


Go on the lads!!!

Well the Saudis wont anyway :smiley:

Come on the Boys. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Dublin’s going to be good craic tonight.

2nd Round here we come.

Well done to Germany.

Bring on Spain :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Are we definitely playing Spain?
I thought if South Africa beat them tomorrow then we could be up against South Africa?

Yep, but no one really believes theirs a change of that.
A draw also means Spain Vs Ireland.

Read "there’s "

Damn, I hate when I make stupid spelling mistakes…

Also “change” = “chance” :wink:

I am afraid that I have to agree with you - even the most ardent South African fans would not be hoping for a win against Spain. Or even a draw. Me, I am hoping for a loss by one goal and then Paraguay to win by only a goal and us to squeak through on goal difference!! Evan that may be too much to ask for…


I lost 10 euros in a bet against a classmate (or ex-classmate, since I’ve had my final exams recently :slight_smile: ) about that match.

Hell, one goal for Cameroon, just one, and I wouldn’t havre had to pay anything (while not gettimng anything either, since he predicted 2-0 and I 1-1 and we said he who predicts the exact result wins).


Allow me to opine that the referee did a remarkably poor job in this one. I say that as a referee, one who knows that cautions are not the way to control the game; they leave you with precious little to fall back upon.