Camper/motorhome $2800 central Iowa

It belongs to a neighbor, who was considering advertising on Craig’s List but I talked him out of it.

It’s a Dodge, 360 motor, 63,000 miles. It has a bunch of new parts as well as some refurbishing done on the interior. The owner is a retired longhaul truck driver (owner/operator) and he takes good care of his vehicles. He wouldn’t be selling but he says he’s too old to climb into the top bunk. (I guess his wife takes the bottom one.)

The first picture is the exterior, the second is the interior. If anyone’s interested, I’ll get more details and more photos. Or I’ll get you his phone number and you can talk to him directly.

You might want to post the year, make of the coach, and length.

Good idea. I’ll go talk to the guy tomorrow. He’s had a nibble from someone who needs a place to live while building a house.

Meth lab!!