Camping Supplies store — in or closest to Manhattan

I’m looking for the kind of store where one picks up iodine or halozone tablets, beef jerky, freeze-dried suppers, Swiss Army knives, dried fruit roll-ups, and other things that one might wish to stuff into a backpack before heading out on a multi-day trek into the wilderness.

Ideally in Manhattan, or, if not, as close as possible. Website alternatives are worth mentioning.

I don’t know of one in Manhattan, but if you get over to Jersey there’s a huge Campmor store in Paramus. Here’s a link to their online store.

Look for camping supplies in the Yellow Pages, likewise via google, dogpile, etc. for online suppliers.

There’s a place on Broadway between Houston and Prince called Eastern Mountain Sports. It’s a national franchise specializing in camping gear. There’s another place a few blocks away on Spring street near Mulberry. I think it’s called Down East Camping.

Not sure about other parts of town, but I’d guess there are others.

Yes, there are 2 EMSs in Manhattan that should fit the bill. One is where anson mentioned; the other is on the Upper West Side, aprox W. 61st Street and Broadway.

Then there is Paragon Sporting Goods, at about 18th Street and Broadway. They have a well-stocked camping dept., but they are pricey I think.

There is (or used to be) an olde school mom&pop style camping store down by City Hall called Tents & Trails. The place is small but litterally packed to the rafters with all sorts of camping supplies. (Sidebar story: One year, some pals and I decided to take a last-minute camping trip during a major summer holiday weekend. We tried to rent a tent, but every place was all rented out – except for T&T. They had one left that they hauled out of the dankest corner of their attic storeroom. I swear this thing must have been an army surplus holdover from Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. It was made of kahki canvas that smelled like a mushroom farm. Of course it was missing at least two of the fat, old-style pegs it needed to stand. But we made do, and were grateful we had something to sleep in. Good ol’ T&T, a NYC institution.)

In my book, Tents and Trails is the most authentic camping goods store in Manhattan - the one most likely to have actual useful equipment. Paragon does have some real gear, but mostly it sells stylish sportswear. I’m not sure if either has much in the way of camping food, though.

I haven’t been to the Campmor store itself, but I order from their catalog. If you can get over there, it is most likely to have the best selection of almost anything.

Here’s a few :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, you didn’t say which Manhattan!

EMS might have some of the stuff you’re looking for, but they’re more fashion oriented than gear oriented. Paragon’s really fashion oriented, but fun to browse. I’ve never been to Tents and Trails, but I’ve heard good things about it.

Campmor rocks. It’s worth the trip. Sales help ranges in quality, but they have a heck of a lot of stuff in there. Plus, there’s an EMS right next door, and Ramsey outdoor down the street, so Paramus works out to be a good destination for serious outdoor shopping. Just don’t go on a Sunday.

As far as online/catalog sources:

Campmor is best known for their catalogs, so you don’t have to actually make the trip to shop there.

Cabela’s caters to the camouflage crowd, but they might have whatever you’re looking for.

And since you mentioned freeze-dried food: We get the Major Surplus catalog at home, and it’s chock full of weird food items. I have no idea how the service or quality is, but it’s a fun catalog to browse.

Trivia note: Paragon was where I went in 1989 when I was looking for a water filter before I went off to study in Russia in a city with endemic giardia. Standing in line in front of me was Gregory Hines, so I couldn’t help but think of White Nights.

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Apparently the building that Tents & Trails was in was damaged by nearby construction, so they closed temporarily a year ago. Several months later, the building collapsed, so I suspect it’s not coming back any time soon.

There is REI Coop with a flagship store in Soho:

AHunter3 is still posting, meaning that he survived his trip to Staten Island without starving or being eaten by bears. :slight_smile:

That’s an interestingly modern building wedged in next door. The owner/builders of it probably weren’t happy about the collapse. The linked article mentioned the new building was still under construction and unoccupied at the time.

And anyone who’s been to Manhattan will laugh at the fact that even though they only had about 20 feet of width to squeeze the new building in, they still managed to build ~30 stories of it. It’s a shame building codes (and physics) doesn’t allow them to spread out after the 5th story. :slight_smile: It also has a nice view of the Woolworth building across the street.

FWIW: I had a bad experience with Campmor online. Completely ripped off.

FWIW, I had a perfectly cromulent experience with Campmor mail-order (this was so far back that I’m not sure whether it was on-line or still catalog, so possibly things have changed), but I got exactly what I wanted with no issues.

I just got a new backpack there last month.