Can a quadriplegic woman carry a foetus to term?

Inspired by this thread. Suppose a quadriplegic woman becomes pregnant. Can she successfully carry the child to term?

Why would you think she might not be able to carry a child to term?

Well I know for a fact a below the waist paraplegic can. I used to have fairly regular contact with a woman who was became a paraplegic @ 19 and had a child at 25. She was really pretty too, I could easily see someone wanting to have sex with her, just makes you wonder what kind of logistical challenges might be entailed by a partner physically unable to participate normally. I’m sure there is a website out there somewhere with reccomendation, I just don’t know if I wanna plug that into google right now.

My mom was a parapalegic and had 5 kids(including me) post-polio.

I think that’s definitively aswered, then.