Can a young girl have a "zit" on their vagina?

I’m divorced and only get my children on the weekends. My daughter is seven and frequently has rashes down there, and redness. Today she asked me to look at something on her vagina, it looks like a tiny zit with a whitehead on the Labia Majora, is this something that’s just possible from skin irritation, it wouldn’t worry me other than the location.

It’s possible, but if this is something that does not go away after a couple of weeks then you should have a gynaecologist or dermatologist look at it, rather than trying to figure out all the different things it could be.

I would suggest discussing it with the child’s mother and suggesting that she see the pediatrician.

Medical advice is best obtained from medical professionals rather than random people on the internet. Moved to IMHO.

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Frequent rashes and redness are not normal. Could be related to an uti, poor hygiene or something. Please don’t wait consult your healthcare provider/ speak to a nurse.

An ingrown hair down there could look like a zit and be similarly uncomfortable.

That being said, recurring discomfort is something you want a professional opinion on.

Make sure that you mention this to your ex, you know, as she has the most custody, And let her know you think an appointment with a professional is in order. Wherever appropriate.

Not only is your ex the one with primary custody, but she probably knows more about the behavior of female genitalia than you. Especially about the genitalia of females related to her. Maybe this sort of thing runs in her family, or maybe it’s a reaction to some hygiene product she (and also her daughter) uses, or whatever.

Vaginal boils are not uncommon. Some are called Bartholin’s cysts when a specific duct is involved, but there are other types. The cause is generally innocuous, such as too tight pants or underwear rubbing against the vaginal area.

Pediatrician is best source of advice, but if it is a cyst or boil that’s become painful, warm compresses or warm bath can help cause it to drain. Definitely mention it to mom in case your daughter needs a pediatrician visit.

Skip the bubble baths too, that is often a source of skin irritation.

It could be a sebaceous cyst.

This was the first thing I was going to suggest.

Thanks for the responses I informed her mother who claimed she would take her to the doctor. I hope that it improves in the meantime.

As a child I could never have bubble baths, due to skin irritation, and as an adult I have to be very careful with what I put on my skin.

And I never ever use scented toliet paper.

I don’t know how long she’s been having issues, but also make sure to check if there’s a new laundry detergent or different formula.

When I was 11-12, I got a rash in the same area my mother took me to the doctor, who asked about lotions, soaps, and also about new clothing. The doctor strongly recommended that any clothing that would be in contact with my skin should be washed first as the industrial detergents are quite strong and I have sensitive skin. In that case the culprit was a new one-piece bathing suit.

Most of those scenarios are EXTREMELY unlikely for a child (and at least one of them would warrant a call to CPS) but the pediatrician will figure it out. Chances are, it’s something that’s really no big deal, and easily treated.

Why would anyone?

Scented toilet paper is a lot like scented cat litter - it’s an attempt to cover up the smell of shit.

I shouldn’t have posted such an information-packed link. My bad.

In fact, a sebaceous cyst IS no big deal.

Good to hear you and Mom can deal with this like grownups and appropriately concerned co-parents. Or at least that’s the early returns.

There are lots of ways this could be or become worse if that wasn’t, or isn’t the case.