Can an Evangelical be Considered Anything but Ignorant?

I haven’t been on long and hoped to find a real place to discuss serious topics…not to prostylotize. However, whenever I posited cogent exercises of logic in the discourse I was met with venom and marginalization. So the questions stands…

Can an evangelical be considered anything but ignorant when discussing matters of faith and apologetics?

Some can.
Some can’t.

Some are delusional instead, or liars.

What are “apologetics”?

They’re probably not ignorant when discussing the specifics of their own faith. They may well be uninformed when discussing, say, Hinduism, but that’s down to the individual.

Many of them invest pretty large amounts of time into studying faith and apologetics. I still think they’re wrong, but at least some of them are pretty far from ignorant on the topic.

Everybody is ignorant about almost everything. It’s been centuries since anyone could learn even a reasonable fraction of human knowledge, which is an infinitesimal part of total knowledge.

That is the most generous response I have received on these boards…thank you for your generosity of intellectual spirit.

Basically arguing in defense of Christian doctrine. Or I guess any doctorine, but I don’t think I’ve heard the term with respect to other faiths.

You make my point. You make a sweeping general statement and dismiss the one who holds the position.

Huh? A rabid Star Wars fan may be anything bug ignorant when discussing the ins and out of the series and the extended universe and all the stuff that is way beyond me.
If he starts to claim it is real, then we have a problem. Especially if he denies evidence it isn’t, and starts inventing excuses for inconsistencies seriously.

Of course there are exceptions, but in several decades of discussion and correspondence, my experience is that most atheists know the Bible much better than most Christians. In fact, my experience is that most Christians cannot even give a coherent explanation for why they are in the denomination they are in, i.e. they can’t tell you the difference between a Presbyterian and a Methodist.

This is correct…however it is circular. Since no one can have revelation about God accept that He gives it to him, the idea of apologetics or evangelism can seem to be an exercise in futility. I have no such hopes here. Indeed, even the Great Commission says, “go and make* disciples* of all men”…not Believers of all men.

That presupposes that the Star Wars fan is only knowledgeable about Star Wars.
I spent 30 years as a well schooled secular humanist before I became an Evangelical.

Thank you for the brief amount of imput…have to write now and then look for a job.

It’s not a position that deserves to be taken seriously, any more than someone who thinks that Sauron or Darth Vader or Shrek are real deserves to be taken seriously. It’s silly.

That doesn’t seem that plausible. Maybe you were a substandard secular humanist?

In any case, what you were before you decided to ignore reason is of no import. The point would be that at some time you decided that evidence wasn’t important and you’d just believe in the factual assertions of whatever evangelical branch you favor because you want to.

I think it would be helpful to define what is meant by “evangelical”. As I understand it, this is not necessarily the same as “fundamentalist” or “bible literalist” although they are sometimes used interchangeably.

I remember listening to an interview with the guy who lead the human genome project, Francis Collins, and he considers himself an evangelical. You may not agree with him, but to call him “ignorant” seems, well, really ignorant. I found him to have a fascinating way of looking at the world and the relationship between religion and science.

And he’s got the three 10-year Official Secular Humanist pins to prove it!

Look, the exact number of years you supposedly were a “secular humanist” has nothing to do with what you now believe-hell, it doesn’t really tell us what you believed back then, either. It is the type of thing said by fakes trying to “relate” with a strange audience- “Hey kids! I used to be “hip” and “in the groove” just like you happenin’ hippies, but then I saw the light!

I agree with CPomeroy about the need to define the term ‘evangelical’.

I think the Greek root of the word is euangelion meaning ‘good news’.
Within a Christian context, that means anyone who preaches that the coming of Christ is a good thing could be an evangelist, even if they are a not a biblical literalist or a fundamentalist. In fact, if I remember correctly, all Christians are supposed to be Evangelists as they are all charged with ‘The Great Commission’.

[waste of electrons]Of course, Sauron, Darth Vader and Shrek can be reliably documented as fictitious and intended as such… [/woe]