Can anybody identify this podcast episode?

Earlier today, I was listening to NPR One when they started playing a podcast story about an anonymous sperm donor who met his daughter. The story was quite interesting, but I accidentally skipped it without learning the name of the specific program. All I have to identify it is the fact that, at one point, the father & daughter were listening to Ewen McGregor seeing “Your Song” from MULAN ROUGE and both started crying. Anybody catch this podcast episode?

An old radiolab episode, maybe?

No. I know that show quite well and am subscribed to the podcast; its style is distinctive enough that I would have immediately recognized it even if someone else were doing the narration.

How were you listening?
If so, contact the station (or maybe just look on their website) and you should be able to find the show and it’s episode.

I was listening to NPR One, an iPhone app. It streams NPR programs. Sometimes a new program will come up randomly, which is what happened Sunday morning.

Skald the Rhymer,

It doesn’t look like this was ever solved, but I did note that the BBC has an interesting article about something similar today:

but it also references an earlier NY Times article from the donor’s perspective in case it wasn’t an audio story.