Need help identifying a radio show, broadcast on NPR Seattle

I heard 5 minutes of this show on NPR, sometime in the last 2 weeks, and then had to run. I think it was Wednesday, 8-9 pm-ish, Seattle.

This guy calls up his parents. His mom answers. They converse about the Adam + Eve story and the apple, and the knowledge it brings. He asks his Mom if she would eat the apple and she says something like: “Knowledge? I could take it or leave it.” Then, the guy asks if she can put dad on the line. He tells his dad to pretend he is eve, and his mom Adam, and to try to convince the other to eat the apple. Dad does a horrible job. When, they switch roles, mom is much more convincing and manipulates dad into eating the apple.

Does this ring a bell at all? I only heard 5 minutes or so, but it felt like the funniest 5 minutes of radio I’d heard all year.

Scroll down to “Adam and Eve” under season 6. I think that might be it.

I was going to say this sounds like it must be a Wiretap episode.