Does anyone remember this public radio piece?

There’s a story or anecdote I remember hearing on an American public radio station, probably KUOW, likely pre-2006/7. The narrator was a guy; I remember that he sounded younger and more inner city than other radio people- he didn’t have a stereotypical NPR voice. I think it was from one of the programs that does multiple original pieces, such as This American Life, rather than something like Selected Shorts, but I could be wrong.

The narrator talks about growing up in a poor household, with oranges reserved as a medicinal food. The narrator recounts telling his mother that he’s sick, and her immediately shooting back “You mean, you want an orange.”

Literally, that’s all I remember. Does anyone else remember this?

Just out of curiosity, why are you asking about this? Are you wondering about the medicinal virtues of oranges?

I’m not sure how you got that idea.

The reason I’m asking is I can remember really liking this story when I heard it, and I’d like to hear it again. The narrator had a great sense of characterization, and I loved the note of skepticism he hits in the line “You mean, you want an orange.”

I see.

Have you tried checking NPR archives? There are a number of websites like this:

Oranges will cure scurvy, BTW. :slight_smile: