Can Anyone Confirm That John Nathan-Turner Has Died?

I just heard through a UK correspondent (heard from a friend who heard it on the news type deal) that long-time Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner died today at age 54.

Can anyone confirm or deny this sad news?

Though controversial to many fans of this venerable television program, I enjoyed his reign and the choices of actors he made to play the good Doctor.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Sir Rhosis

P. S. Not sure if this is the proper forum–put it here because of his role as a television producer.

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Sir Rhosis

Sorry, John…

I can’t find anything about this on the BBC website, which is very odd if it is - indeed - true.

You know that he’s going to regenerate, don’t you?

Well, there aren’t any linkable news stories, but a thread about this was removed from the forums at Gallifrey One until the moderators could confirm its truth, and it has since been put back up. Meaning they confirmed it as true.

Judging from the number of posters/mods on that board who are directly involved in the production of current Doctor Who media, I think their confirming it is a good (well, bad really) sign.

Here’s a link to the thread over there.

I grew up during the JNT era, so it is pretty sad to me. Poor guy.


The BBC comments

Thanks, hazel.