Who should do "Friday Night With..." In Jonathan Ross' absence?

In case you don’t know this is for UK dopers. Most of whom know who Jonathan Ross is.

Recently he got into trouble for a Radio Prank in which he and Joe Brand left offencive messages on the phone of Fawlty Towers’ Manuel - Andrew Sachs

Anyway, Brand resigned, and Ross’ TV show was taken off air. The TV show in question is Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Assuming Ross leaves the BBC (Fired or resign) then who do you think should replace him if they decide to keep the show, with a replacement. (Like they did with Have I Got News for You when Angus Deyton was naughty)

My first choice is Graham Norton,

Or possibly Sanjeef Baskar.

Or they could have rolling presenters like they do with HIGNFY

Or Jack Dee. (the jokes would be better)

Heh. Russell Brand, not Jo Brand.

I think there will be “rolling presenters” for a while if they decide to keep the show. All three of those are good choices, but they’d all be terribly different. They’d have to try out a few styles before they figure out who’d be a favorite in the spot.

I’m sort of glad Ross resigned. Yeah, it was a stupid thing for all of Britain to be so upset about but I am getting tired of Ross. He’s getting more annoying as he gets more popular.

Is Julian Clary still alive?

I don’t think Jonathan Ross resigned. He’s been suspended until January. I guess developments are ongoing…

I don’t think anyone should replace him, Friday Night was a bit of a non-event show, I thought, even though it gets all the name guests, so it’s no big deal being offline for a while. I find Graham Norton’s own show to be much funnier.

But just as long as it’s not Justin Lee Collins, I’m cool.

Goddamn stupid website causing a double post.

I’m not a U.K. resident, but I listen to BBC News (World Service Radio) and the News Quiz on BBC, and I watch HIGNFY when I can find it online (it doesn’t air in Canada). And I have a question…

Why was this such a huge deal? They’re still making jokes about it two weeks later on The News Quiz and HIGNFY. I understand the PM himself commented on it. It’s been written about and commented on in, seemingly, every news outlet, blog and radio show in the country.

Yes, what they did was pretty rude, and they probably deserved to be fired. But why is it so huge?

Anyway … I think the rolling presenters thing is a bad idea. they should either get a permanent host, or can it. Get Simon Amstel. It looks like Buzzcocks might tank soon, anyway.


It was a big deal because the Daily Mail made it a big deal. The BBC received 2 complaints from actual listeners, but around 30,000 from people who read about it in the Daily Heil. The DM has one of the UK’s biggest arseholes as an editor and its readership isn’t far behind.

I agree that for a chat show rolling hosts is a very bad idea. My personal choice for a replacement would be Marcus Brigstocke.

“But why is it so huge?”
I have been constantly amazed by how much more is said and done on British television than on North American mainstream cable since I moved here, a great deal of which occurs before the watershed of 9pm. Gordon Ramsay’s cursing alone is enough to make your hair curl. One night just before 11, I clicked past Russel Brand’s show and there was a stage full of enourmous naked people dancing around for no apparent reason. There is never an opportunity missed to show a naked bum during advertizing either. And this is on the 5 terrestrial channels not cable!

I think the boundaries are so much further stretched here that when someone does cross the line, there’s an air of zero tolerance about it. I did turn off the Brand/Ross show before it was over but sometimes I can’t even tell when they’ve crossed the line. Jeremy Clarkson streotyping truck drivers as prostitute murderers went right past me as did him flipping the bird to an American Highway Patrolman in last week’s show.

The other issue too is that unlike the CBC in Canada who’s funding comes from general tax revenues, the BBC is funded directly from our pockets with a bill of about £130 a year or so. Any time you buy a television set, the purchase gets reported and shortly after you get a rather snotty letter demanding that you prove you’ve paid your licence fee for the year. Jonathan Ross earns something like £19 million a year so the public, perhaps justifiably, feels that he needs to be held to a higher standard. Considering how everyone jumped on the bandwagon without having even listened to the show is kind stupid tho.

I had heard that Dara O’Braian from Mock the Week might fill in for Ross.

I hate it when people blame these things on the Daily Mail. Because it lets the Daily Express of the hook. That paper is possibly even more detestable.

Some cynics suggested that, in a difficult news week for the government, they were only too happy to jump on the bandwagon. Some Tories were already on it of course, playing to the Mail/Express crowd.

The whole thing seemed to me like the biggest outbreak of hysteria since Princess Diana was assassinated.

God bless our Queen of Hearts!


When I’m in hospital and fit enough to wander about I offer to buy papers for other patients who are still bedridden. The people that ask for Daily Mails and Daily Expresses sometimes get the wrong paper. Totally by accident you understand.

As usual the Daily Mash has a good take on both this story and the one about Clarkson and his lorry-driver joke :-