Can anyone help me find this sandwich grill?

This is a long shot, but you never know who’s going to know the answer to these questions.

My husband’s family had a sandwich grill when he was a kid. This is an appliance that you put a sandwich in, close the lid, and it grills the sandwich. However, these days all the models come with these diagonal sandwich cutouts. The sandwich grill he remembers from his youth had square cutouts, so it left this nice toasty crust all around the grilled sandwich.

I have been patrolling ebay for this damn thing for two months now and haven’t seen hide nor hair of it. He swears he’s not making it up. He can’t remember the brand name, either.

Does anyone have ANY idea what company made this item, or where I could lay hands on one now? I’d be forever appreciative.

Check out the Krups Sandwich Express Sandwich Maker 132-46 at a store near you. I couldn’t find a picture that showed the inside, but the review at Epinions didn’t mention the diagonal cutouts, and the information given for the size of the sandwich (5x4.25 inches) makes it sound like it is rectangular rather than triangular. It’s available at for about $20, but the picture doesn’t give a definite answer on the square/rectangular question, so you may want to check a local dealer.

The only other possibilities I found are both made by VillaWare and aren’t exactly “square” either – one burns a picture of Mickey Mouse into each sandwich and the other is designed for the traditional French “croque monseiur”, which has a seashell embossed on the finished sandwich. You can check out the last two at Kitchen Emporium here (Mickey) and here (croque monseiur).

Good luck in your search!

Salton makes one, too :slight_smile:

Yes, but the Salton model has the triangular cutouts that she doesn’t want – as evidenced here.

Dunno if Breville do appliances outside Australia but I got a Breville Sandwich maker for a wedding gift and it has changable plates so if you feel like triangles - go for it but if you don’t just take out the plates and put the flat grill in.

or I googled and got this site full of sandwich maker reviews

Thanks, guys! I’ll run down these leads. The Dualit sandwich toaster mentioned at epinions looks like it may be what he was talking about, except that I think it’s a professional-grade appliance that costs hundreds of dollars. I guess I’ll just keep looking…

I ran down all the listings at epinions before posting. I didn’t mention the Dualit because of the cost and because the only place I could find it online was at overseas web sites. (Might be a 220v appliance.)