Can anyone help me find this Time photo?

Years ago I was flipping through an issue of Time and I found a very striking image. It was of a young boy in the Palestinian territories (not sure if it was Gaza or West Bank) who was playing innocently on stairs that were covered in dried blood. Unfortunately I have no idea what issue it was in and all my search-fu thus far has been weak. Time archives all their photos online but there are so many I don’t even really know where to begin looking. I’m hoping a Doper out there remembers this image and can help me find it.

This isn’t it, is it?

I googled Palestine, stairs, blood, boy and Life.

i think they edited the stairs out and the blood wasn’t as dry as you thought it was… its a toy gun he was playing with btw

That’s the one, although I think it was in color when I originally saw it. Thanks!

Edit: here it is in color:

Wow, the color makes quite a bit of difference in my reaction to it.