Can anyone help me identify this mid-century modern ashtray stand?

I posted a couple photoson Flickr. No visible marks or stamps on the glass or metal. The ashtray is glass on iron hairpin legs, and the damper/snuffer is counter-weighted. 24” tall by 14” wide. I found it at a flea market a few years ago but have had no luck finding anything like it online.

Anyone have any ideas on how to search? I’ve used keywords mid-century mod, ashtray stand, atomic age, space age on Ebay, Etsy, and Google images. What else should I try?

No idea. You might contact the lady who runs Sometimes she posts weird stuff like that or she recognizes a lot of it.

Thanks, I’ll try that!

To me that looks handmade. You know, “folk art?” Found objects put together to make something else. Or even just Art.
The stand looks like plant stands used back then. I think somebody craftily put it together, which would explain why you can’t find any info on it.

In fact, color me wrong but could the black bowl be what’s in amplifiers? And is that a corkscrew in a cork? Set in an insulator? What’s the white part made out of? I’m thinking some kind of ceramic…how heavy is it?

Sorry, see you said glass. Does it have a “screw” top? A cover for an industrial light maybe?

It’s intriguing.

All non-glass parts are iron. The glass ashtray has a lip, but is not threaded. Tiny set screws hold the ashtray inside the metal collar. The damper is a hollow metal cone. The balls are similar to all theGeorge Nelsonatomic age stuff that was trending in the late 50’s, early 60’s. The ashtray seems mass produced, the welds and all fitted finishing pieces are precise and neatly put together, really good, solid, clean lines. Very mod, very Jetsons.

Another word to try searching on is “Googie” which describes that sort of mid-century, Atomic Age architecture and design. I tried looking but couldn’t find it. I suggest contacting people who specialize in that sort of stuff. I’ll bet that one of them will recognize it.

Been collecting mid century mod for ten years, and never heard that term before. Thanks for teaching me something new!

Well, Googie is more about the architecture than the furniture, but it’s describing the same era.