Can anyone ID this movie for me?

So I watched a movie a looooong time ago that has recently popped back into my head, but for the life of me I can’t remember its title.

It’s about a little black boy who somehow gets trapped inside a strange house owned by “Mother” and “Father”, who turn out to be brother and sister. They have a daughter and a bunch of sons that they’ve mutilated for being “bad”. They also have a psychotic Rottweiler that Father often lets roam inside of the house’s walls, trying to find the little black boy so he can rip him apart. The little black boy tries to help the daughter and one of her brothers escape (her brother can’t talk because Father and Mother cut out his tongue) through the tunnels inside the walls. Cue the massive Rottweiler and Father trying to kill them by blowing holes in the walls with a rifle. I also remember a scene where Mother forces the daughter to take a bath in a scalding hot bathtub to punish her. Help?


This sounds like “The People Under the Stairs.”

Here’s the imdb listing:
Hope this helps!

Is it maybe The People Under the Stairs?

You bastards. I was so proud of myself for finding the title armed with nothing but a few vague key words and a massive search engine, and I come back here…

Well, I’m answering anyway: It’s “The People Under the Stairs” :slight_smile:

I actually went to the movies to see this one. I knew it from your description too!! :slight_smile: