Can anyone ID where this line is from?

I can remember the scene. I am pretty sure it was near the end of an episode of a Superhero show or animated movie. One hero says to the other something like, “Only villains want to change the world. Heroes just try to something something”. Anyone remember the full line and where it was from? It’s is on the tip of my tongue and it is bugging me. Thanks.

Well, I found this with google.

“Since the election, my MSN status has been “Only villains want to change the world. Heroes want to change minds.” Take it how you will. It’s from an issue of Runaways, though, so don’t read it too deep (although that is an awesome series, at least it was when BKV was writing. Now it’s good but not great.)”

Thank you! That was it. I have indeed read The Runaways. I could have sworn it was a cartoon on TV though. I guess that was why my own Google attempt failed.