Can Anyone Identify This Item I Bought?

I sometimes buy the surprise pack at a local dollar store. While I never know exactly what will be in it, I still find it is sometimes a good buy. In addition to finding some of their discontinued items in there, I also often find little odds and ends of things. Bit and pieces of other items, that are no use by themselves, but that I may some day find indispensable when I find myself in need of just that piece to something. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I found something in a surprise pack I just can’t figure out. It didn’t come with a package or an explanation, which make it even more difficult to figure out its original intent.

Here is a description of the item I got. If anyone can figure out what it is by my description, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Guesses are welcomed too:

[li]It is some type of ruler, with 12 Inches on one side and the Metric system on the other.[/li][li]It is extremely flexible. You can twist it around in almost anyway you want.[/li][li]It is thick, though.[/li][li]It is joined together somehow on the sides. When I first saw it, I thought it might come apart. But I have been unable to take it apart though.[/li][li]It has a blue rubbery strip on either side.[/li][li]It says “Pro-right®” on one side.[/li][/ul]

Anyone know what it may be?


Sounds like some kind of ruler
: d&r :

What exactly do you mean by “It is joined together somehow on the sides. When I first saw it, I thought it might come apart. But I have been unable to take it apart though.”

Then you say “It has a blue rubbery strip on either side.”???

Are you trying to mean that it is a flat rectangular shape that can be pinched to allow a space to open? Meaning that the blue rubbery strip is on the edges and not the sides?

I want one.

MrTuffPaws, if I understand your question, the blue rubbery strips were on edges not the sides. I should have been more clear on what I meant. I haven’t been able to open it at all, to let air in, or anything else. But yet, it have transparent plastic on the front and back, revealing what look like strips on the inside, so it almost looks like it could be opened. It also has a kind of plug on either end. Boy, I never realized how hard it is to describe objects with words alone:

Might it be one of these? (We used to call them spline curves, but I couldn’t find them under that name in my quick search.)

I can’t imagine how one of these would end up in a dollar store grab bag, though.

What you have there is a flexible curve. Artists and graphic designers use it to draw smoothly curving lines.

Bingo! (I think). Scarlett67, the last item on that cite you gave, the “Calibrated Flexible Curve” looks exactly like it. I don’t why it would be in a surprise pack from a dollar store either. All part of the “surprise” I guess;).

Sorry Terrifel, I think we may have simultaneously posted there.

Dang, you got lucky then! I always wanted one, but as a poor college student I could never afford one. Now I don’t really need one.

Now get yourself a set of drafting tools and have some fun! :wink: