Old thread about a mystery box

Help me out, people. A while back someone started a thread about a mysterious box they received. They didn’t know anything about it, or how to open it (IIRC.) The poster took a lot of time between posts/clues. I don’t remember how or if it ever concluded, but I’d like to find it. Anyone remember it?

Yes, but my search abilities here border on the retarded. IMS, it was somewhat anti-climactic, but still an enjoyable read.

They solved the box. The cenobites came and took him away. Same old story.

(sorry, no idea)

Sorry, but all I can think of is the old thread by Thaidog with something like “Rock in a Box, I burning your dog” as a title. One of the funniest threads at SDMB. I could get a link to it if it sounds right to you.

Thanks, but I don’t think that’s it. It wasn’t funny, it was set up more as a mystery story.

And whatever happened to the guy who discovered a wallet in the wall of his house while carrying out renovations? He and several posters went to great lengths to find the owner. I never saw how that one turned out.

If you can remember any unique (or nearly so) words from the thread, a “keyword search” from “from the beginning” ought to help. You’ll have to commit five minutes to the search, if you fail to locate the first “keyword.”

I just searched on the word “package” in the title, and going back all the way to 2004, found two threads about receiving mysterious packages. One had 13 replies, the other had 2. The thread that the OP is talking about was way longer. I think it went on for a good 3 pages or more.

I take it you know the thread we’re talking about? Anything distinctive about it you can recall?

I may have seen it (at least the title) but it’s just not nudging “rock in a box” out of my forebrain.

Was “mystery” or “mysterious” actually spelled out in the thread, maybe?

There are a couple that come to mind, but they’re relatively recent:

kambuckta received onelast Feb
ZipperJJ had one a couple of Christmases ago

There are a few older ones too:

Hal Briston received onein 2007
For that matter, so did Balance

Given that Balance’s clocks in at a whopping 6 pages, I’m assuming that might be the one the OP is looking for?

Can’t help but I very vaguely recall it. Heck, I’m still wondering what was in Vihaga’s trunk in the attic. (post #26)

That’s the one I remember.

Yes! That’s the one. Thanks, Mahna Mahna. Who would have thought to search on “parcel”? Ok, I’m off to read…

Thanks for confusing me with another lovely lady about the same age as me, but the Christmas mystery box thread was started by pbbth, not me. My life is never so exciting :slight_smile:

Well crap. I initially thought the package had been yours, realised it was actually pbbth’s once I found it, but then apparently forgot that small detail by the time I started writing out my reply. I must’ve been distracted by a shiny object or something.


A Google search will work too, no restrictions either.

Put this in Google: site:boards.straightdope.com "curious parcel"

The best one was the Cooler of Death.

I just can’t resist sharing this amazing thing with anybody who hasn’t read it, or who just needs a refresher. Three pages of pure gold:

The rock in the box: I burning your dog

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There were at least three threads on that as time passed. The last time I saw the 3rd thread I think it was a post by the guy’s daughter. I believe the guy is missing, but you had better find the thread to see what happened.

Mr. Moto beat me to it - it wasn’t the evil in the cooler (that the dog drank some of) you were thinking of, was it?