Can anyone identify this song?

Ok, I only heard it once but you guys have impressed me with working with less info than I’m about to provide.

The song sounds country. The man is more or less talking rather than singing. He’s giving a narrative about how he’s the boss, how there’s gonna be changes around the house, basically macho man BS. The only lines I clearly remember are:

“Now I don’t want to hear any whinning…[sub]so I’ll shut up[/sub]” and then later “I’m the king of this castle…[sub]when you’re not around[/sub]”.

The song had me in stitches the one time I heard it. So can anyone recognize it

I’ve heard this one before too. “I’m the top dog around here…but I’ve been neutered.”

When I originally heard it several years ago, it was credited to various comedians, but no musicians. Jeff Foxworthy was one, IIRC, but I don’t think it’s him.

The song is called “The Man Song,” and it was written by Sean Morey.


Ding Ding Ding That’s the one. Thanks Killer

And here’s a link to the lyrics.

the Woman song is equally as funny…

I found it hilarious, and I’m a woman!