Can anyone predict the box office success of Superman Returns?

If other people thought like me (and it’s clear that they don’t), this flick would tank. Sup. has been done, man. It’s beat. It’s more beat than Batman, for crying out loud.

So, given my objections, it’ll probably make a billion dollars worldwide.

The original 1978 Superman made $134 million domestically. Adjusted for inflation, that’s almost $400 million in 2004 dollars- which is around how much Spider-Man made domestically in 2002. DC’s highest-grossing Super Hero* film is the original Batman, which made over $250 million in 1989. I’m estimating that Superman Returns will make in the range of $300-350 millions. (The numbers are from, and the inflation estimate was calculated by myself using a multiplier on NASA’s website.)

*Although the word “superhero,” one word non-capitalized, is often used to refer to the type of heroes Superman et al. are, the word “Super Hero,” two words capitalized, is used in DC promotional material and is a jointly-owned registered trademark of DC and Marvel Comics.

So far on Rottentomatoes, the reviews are promising. All that really means is that there won’t be as big of a drop off as X-Men had. I think it’ll hit somewhere around the $330 mark.

I seldom go to out to see movies in theaters anymore. Superman Returns will be an exception to my stay-at-home ways, because there is a 3-D Imax version. I just looooove 3-D Imax. I doubt that I’m the only person who will be attracted by the lure of the big, big screen and the nifty “right at ya” 3-D effects.

Will get a strong opening weekend, will undoubtedly disappoint a lot of viewers with the departure from the original story, probably won’t compare favorably to the original Superman movies, may or may not have staying power.

I see absolutely no reason to believe that it won’t finish strongly in the black. This is as close to a lock on that a movie gets.

The third superman movie made 60 million domestically (and the 4th 15 million!). Even accounting for inflation I think it’s wildly optimistic to think this one will make more than 200 million.

Maybe, but no-one really remembers those movies.

New Superman movie dazzles critics in first reviews

Hit. Big hit.

Actually, the original Batman movie was the classic Adam West/Burt Ward film. :slight_smile:

Just to prevent any possible disappointment, pinkfreud, I’ll point out that only 20 minutes of the 150-minute film will be in 3D.

Somehow I just can’t bring myself to get excited about this movie. I think it’s because of the lead actor. He just doesn’t exude Superman, as far as I’m concerned.

Yeah, you heard me. Whoever he is, he’s no Christopher Reeve.

I’d like to just pipe back in to say that I hope it doesn’t succeed (though it probably will) for reasons mentioned in other threads. :slight_smile:

I’m aware of that. However, that’s still a big incentive to me. I love Imax, and I love 3-D, so I’ll take what I can get.

Just wanted to be sure. I cover the Imax business and there’s some concern that there may be lots of people expecting to see the whole film in 3D.

According to

I’m guessing $360 million domestic, which would put it between Jurassic Park ($357m) and The Passion of the Christ ($370m) in the all-time list.

Superman Returns has the potential for many people to see it multiple times – not on the scale of The Passion of the Christ nor Titanic, but I think some people will see it in a regular theater first, and then decide to see it in IMAX.

On that Box Office Mojo list, I was kind of surprised to discover that the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie only made $305m – if there’s not a high degree of sustainable interest for the sequel, that bodes very well for Superman Returns.