Can anyone recommend a good, downloadable calender?

Free would be nice, but a small fee is ok too.


Depends. What do you want it to do? What OS do you have?

Windows 98.

I don’t want it to do too much - just show a calender and let me type a few lines of text in each date box, ifyaknowwhatImean.

Shazam! No need to pay even a small fee for a calendar! There are 223,000 pages devoted to the subject on Google…results of search for “downloadable calendar”

Top results from and

The ClickTray Calendar 2.50

Calenz 1.3

Or go to either of those sites and search for “calendar.” On tucows you can do a super search and restrict it to only freeware.

This is what I use,very simple but uses quite a bit of room on the desktop.

I’ve been looking myself. Our family has dead-tree calendars going back 25 years. I’d like to computerize them.

So far I’m just entering dates and event in a simple (may as well use Notepad) Excel worksheet. A program or an Excel template to show the data as calendar pages is what I’m after.


Thanks for the info guys.

Well - Yahoo Calender seems OK. I can access it from home and at work, which is good.

I use TaskPlus, and it works pretty well.

Palm Desktop can be downloaded for free and offers many of the same calendar features as MS Outlook. It’s designed to sync up with Palm PDAs, but it works perfectly well without one.

I use the calendar template in Microsoft Office (it makes a blank calendar in a Word document). You can create it for just one month at a time, or for as many as you want in one document. Each month is a separate page. You can change the font size (making it smaller) so that you can type more text into the boxes. Pretty simple to use, really, though you may have to go to “page setup” in the Word menu once the calendar is created to do some adjusting of the print margins and font and such.

To get the “calendar wizard” to open up in the first place, click on your Start Menu, then New Office Document. A window will appear and then you click the Other Documents tab. Then double-click on the Calendar Wizard icon and it will prompt you for what kind of calendar to make.