Suggestions for calendar program

I have used Daytimer for years. Absolutely love it. They stopped producing the program last year and I need to find a replacement.

Outlook is not only notoriously buggy and susceptible to nasties, it’s also extremely simplistic, unsophisticated program.

In Daytimer, I can track all my expenses and charges (I’m an independent contractor) as well as have layers of data fields for each contact.

Any suggestions out there for a killer calendar program that is not going to be incredibly buggy?


I’ve been using Palm Desktop for a few years. It’s available for either Windoze or Mac, has several unique functions (maybe some you don’t need), but the best part is, it’s FREE!

It’s nice when it synchronizes my PDA to the computer, but you must own a Palm product to use that.

Otherwise, addresses/phone, scheduling, expenses, notepad, all right there and waiting for you to use!

Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

I have a Palm and the Palm software is decent. It’s good for what it is as a basic, but I want to be able to keep more info on my contacts and link telephone calls to contacts, etc. I love Daytimer’s link features.

I grabbed Above and Beyond off as my calendar and it works great for me.

There are add-on Palm programs (i.e. programs that run on the Palm handheld) that support links. DateBk5 and Agendus are the most popular, I believe. However these don’t have desktop counterparts that can access the additional features.