I need a day planner app

I can’t do the research myself for the next couple of days, so I was wondering if somebody had one they could recommend.

Features I need (in order of importance, #4+ are optional):

  1. Syncing with a desktop or other computer with a full keyboard.
  2. An alarm or warning sound.
  3. Low cost or free.
  4. Has other useful features, like a clock
  5. Works with iPhone 3GS and Windows XP.
  6. Has a text file or other easily editable file with my information

Features I really don’t want:

  1. Online synching: I have issues with connectivity/wifi/3G and dependability.
  2. Requires too much personal information, overly inquisitive registration system
  3. Does not use Outlook. I usually uninstall this on every computer I own.

Thanks in advance.

Well, it’s not really cheap ($12.99), but Pocket Informant is a very full-featured day planner (calendar plus to-do list) for iPhone. I wanted an app that showed multiple appointments per day on the Month view (the standard calendar app just shows a single dot regardless of how much you have to do) and allowed for user-defined color coding, not just by the predefined Calendars. My only gripe is the icon (badge) doesn’t display the date.

It imports dates from the iPhone’s native calendar, can sync to a variety of sources including your desktop, lets you import Contacts or link to map locations, and does push notifications.

We’ve set up a Google account to share (between Typo Knig and me that is), and we’ve configured our iPod Touches to sync to that. We can pull up the Google Calendar on the desktop and everything is right there.

Free, obviously.

No specific clock but, well, the iPhone and computer both have those.

The iPhone can bring up alerts. Ditto the desktop. The downside is I don’t think alerts are set automatically.

You say you don’t want online synching so that might leave out this option. However, we’ve found that it’s working quite well. I enter something on my iPod, and a bit later it appears “automagically” on Typo Knig’s.

I don’t know that there’s a text export / import. IIRC, when we brought everything up to Google Calendar from the Palm, we had to export from Palm, import into Yahoo calender, export that into a csv file, then import that into Google. Once there, however, it’s fairly easy to edit stuff on the desktop - I did a LOT of cleanup that way.