Reminder app for my iPhone.

I have to take diabetes meds every day, but I have a real problem remembering the “1/2 hour before meals” pills. Ideally I’d like an app that would alert my phone even when it’s off, and would be capable of multiple settings for weekends and weekdays, and would sound repeatedly till I acknowledge it.
I can do this on my palm, but I’d prefer to use only my iPhone.
I’ve searched iTune’s app store with no results.
Any idreas?

The calender has a nice in-depth scheduling/reminder feature. Although, it would only “beep” once, lightly, (which is pathetic) and of course would not function if the phone was off. I don’t think you’re going to find anything that will work while the phone is off. Maybe… but very unlikely. Your only option here is finding a calender app, similar to the pre-installed version, that has a better reminder feature.

Another option would be to learn how to hack the calender that is already on the phone. (Doing some research for you. I’ll be back in a few)

Okay… I found a solution to change your Calender alert… You’ll be needing to do some work though.

Here are some resources.

Setting up and downliading iBrickr

Changing the tone.

When I say the phone is “off”, I mean it’s idle, with no functions open, but able to receive calls etc.
Thanks, I’ll check those links. I’m not very computer savy. :slight_smile:

Good luck… Just remember to load up iTunes and do a backup of your phone before trying anything…

Alternatively, if iBrickr won’t work, winscp is another program to break into the phone’s file system. Just Google it and learn more. It’s not toooo difficult. You’d follow the same directions as on the tutorial given in the forum.

One thing to keep in mind (if you make it this far of course) is that when changing the file name, you’ll need to go into a folder on your computer, click Tools>Folder Options>View, and uncheck Hide known file extensions. That way you can change the file extension to the necessary .bak file type.

Good luck on everything. Report back if you need any help.

I neglected to mention that I have a mac. Dang!
Still, I might be able to do something.

Haha. I was going to ask that… Do a little bit of Googing and I’m sure there is an easier solution to this since you are on a mac. Just look up “Change iPhone calendar alert” or something similar. I’m sure you’ll find something sooner or later.

Thanks for your help anyway. :slight_smile:

Because apps can’t run in the “background” so to speak, there really isn’t an app that can do this yet. This is a major functionality failure on Apple’s part, and a big reason why I still have my LG EnV on Verizon. Maybe on the next update?

Do you specifically want something for the iPhone, or would you potentially be open to other options? Because if you look on sites that sell materials for ADHD and so forth, you’ll find watches and other timers that are designed to provide multiple reminders.

Yeah, I want to carry just one device. I don’t even wear a watch. And the “repeat” function is important because I don’t always follow my schedule as faithfully as I should.
Funny you should mention ADHD. My doctors won’t allow me to have that. :stuck_out_tongue: I plan to bring it up again.

I’d second the aforementioned Calendar idea, but setup 2 or 3 reminders for each pill that way if you miss one, the other two should hopefully catch your attention.

Don’t use the calendar, use the Clock app that is already on your phone. You can set up an alarm for each time you have to take your meds with a short text message. It will alarm until you turn it off I think. You can set up multiple alarms very easily.

I’m trying out the “snooze” feature right now. I hadn’t noticed that it could repeat every day.

“Snooze” times for nine minutes, and is repeatable. Kinda short, but I think I’ll give it a real life try.
C’mon, Apple, there’s a real need for an app with a reminder included.
Is there a specific name for what I want (the action), an app with a reminder that’ll “wake up” my iPhone when it’s on standby?

Can you iPhone uses comment on the approximate monthly cost- I keep hearing $80.00 but the website won’t tell me unless I enter all my info.

Is that a lot?