iPhone Reminders

I was reminded of a question I have after reading another thread about reminder apps. The iPhone calendar works fine for me to alert me for my haircut, hockey games, etc. But my question is - is there a way to be alerted for the same event every day without having to enter it manually every day? Here’s my issue (very mundane :o):

For over 15 years I’ve had the daily newspaper delivered to my office Mon-Fri. It’s a part of my morning routine - eat a muffin and banana and read the paper. The newspaper will no longer be delivered in our downtown area because of major street construction going on (personally I think it’s because they can’t find employees to deliver it anymore). So I am now having it delivered to my home. So for the last 2 weeks, the paper has arrived at home and except for 2 days, I’ve headed out of my driveway and driven right past the mailbox without a second thought UNTIL I get halfway to work. UGH! I haven’t gotten into the routine of grabbing the paper before I leave for work. I end up buying the paper at a gas station!

The 2 times I have remembered is when I’ve set an alert on my phone in the calendar app. Is there a way to have it be a daily alert? Because now I have to remind myself to enter the reminder every day!! And so far I haven’t!:smack:

[li]Open Calendar app[/li][li]Select a date[/li][li]Press the “+” in the top right corner to add an event[/li][li]Enter the details of your event, then go to “Repeat”[/li][li]Select “Every Day” or whatever[/li][li]Scroll down to “Alert”[/li][li]Select “Alert” and choose when you would like to be notified[/li][li]Press “Add” in the top right corner[/li][/ol]

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Never even noticed the “repeat” option.

Now that the problem is solved, I feel compelled to applaud your continued daily newspaper reading. The morning paper used to be a big part of my day, and I miss it.

I know - I’m a member of a dying breed. Reading the newspaper online doesn’t do it for me. If that was my only option I probably wouldn’t read it anymore. It has to be THE paper. As I said, it’s part of my morning routine and I would have a hard time giving it up.